Goals For 2013 For A Successful Work From Home Business



It’s that time of year when goals and resolutions are plentiful.  Personally, I’m a sucker for New Years and the opportunity to refresh, recharge, re-evaluate, reestablish, re…almost everything.  I love second and third and fourth chances and the opportunity to improve, enhance and reinvigorate my life and my business.  For work at home entrepreneurs like myself, it’s important to stay fresh, focused and keep priorities in check.  Entrepreneurs and Mompreneurs who work from home have personal reasons for choosing such a career, so it’s always good to keep those purposes in perspective.

It’s important when establishing goals for your business to be specific, to set daily, weekly and monthly goals & measurements instead of being generic.  Write out a plan to meet your business goals and develop steps to ensure you are going in the right direction.  I have done that – I’m incredibly specific about how I want to accomplish my goals, but for the sake of this post I am being generic to hopefully prompting some ideas for you and your home based business.

Below you will find some specific areas I have established goals for.

Increase The Value I Offer

Offering a tremendous value sets us apart from others.  How often do we complain about the service we receive from a business or the lack of detail we receive?  I want my businesses to offer tremendous value and I want to be known as the type of business and person who is known for going the extra mile to keep my customers and prospects happy.

Generate More Buzz and Leads

This will come in a variety of ways for me and my businesses, but I want to generate more buzz about my services and products this year.  I want to guest blog more this year and be more engaging with other industry blogs and industry professionals.  I want to use the past 24 years of work-from-home experience to help others who are doing the same thing.  And of course, by having more of a buzz, more leads will be created.

Communicate With My Customers More

This may seem to go back to the goal of increasing the value I offer, but it also goes into the category of gaining a better understanding of my customers and understanding their needs.  By communicating with my customers more, I can gain a vast amount of knowledge from their experience in the industry, experience with my service and the way they experience my business.  My customers are the people who put a roof over my head and food on my table, I want to simply say thank you more often.

More Lunches/Coffee With Friends

Does it sound strange that a business goal is something of a personal nature?  If you work from home, you know it can get lonely.  And for workaholics like myself, it’s easy to completely throw myself into work and stay so focused on work that I forget about the really important things – relationships.  So this year I want to make sure I spend time with the people in my life who I consider deep spirited friends.  A healthy balance between work and personal time is vital to business stamina, personal health and loving life.

Try Some New Approaches, Try Some New Things

I have two businesses that I currently own and work from home with.  In one I am an independent consultant and in the other I help libraries.  I’ve worked with libraries for over 24 years and have, for the most part, always approached that business with the same tried and true systems and approach.  It’s time to shake that up a bit.  As an independent consultant, I need to lean on the expertise of others who are major successes and learn from them.  The two business are very different, but both are fun and provide a great living for me, so I want to make sure I’m keeping things fresh with both businesses.

Continue To Exercise A Few Times Each Week

In July of this past year I started working out 3 or 4 times each week.  This was so hard at first! I was always sore, I was always tired, I didn’t have the time, I was not in the mood, I didn’t…well, you get the point, I had every excuse under the sun not to work out throughout the week.  After about 2 months I did notice a drastic change in my productivity.  My two hour commitment (1 hour at the gym, 30 minute travel time, 30 minute recoup time) was quickly replaced with more productivity, a clearer mind, better attitude, more energy… the list goes on.  Without a doubt getting exercise throughout the week helped my business.  This has turned into a habit, but it’s also one that is a challenge, so my goal is to keep this habit up.

Establish Some New Professional Relationships

I will be the first to admit, I have gotten in a rut with my relationships.  I have such great personal and professional relationships, but I’ve been slack in reaching out to new people and getting to know new people on a professional and friendship level.  I’ve closed myself off from building new relationships, so in 2013 I’m going to make sure I meet more people in the industries I’m in.  I’ll meet them to help them and to also learn from.

Please Inspire Me

One of my favorite apps on my iPad is the TED app.  With a couple of clicks, I have access to some of the most inspiring speeches and talks.  I love that app!  My iPad also houses a library of great motivational business books, podcasts and inspirational blogs.  Most people have their morning Starbucks, but I get super charged by allowing the words of others to encourage, motivate and move me.

Provide More Referrals To My Friends

I know a lot of entrepreneurs who offer a variety of services and without a doubt one of my favorite things to do is help other people succeed, not just those who are my customers.  So in 2013 I want to make a more concentrated effort to help my friends out by providing them with referrals and by helping them connect with other friends who can help them succeed.  Yes, that is called networking – but that sounds so impersonal and unauthentic.

Generate More Revenue

I suppose this is an obvious goal?  Who doesn’t want to generate more income?  As I offer more people exceptional value, added services, generate more buzz and genuinely help others earn more money and build their home based business, I too will generate more income and revenue.  Matter of fact, I think it’s really cool how in both of my businesses the more I help people and the better job I do at it, the more income I generate.  I have very specific goals on the amount of revenue I want to generate and very specific goals on how to obtain those goals, but bottom line, I want to earn more money.

Well, that pretty much covers an outline of my business goals for 2013.  What are some of your goals for the upcoming year?  What do you want to do in your home based business in 2013 that will help you meet and reach your goals?  Please feel free to share with me!