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If you’ve been following my blog much at all one of the things you will constantly hear me say is that we have to provide value to our followers and readers.  I REALLY  believe that.  Matter of fact, today I set up a webinar for Thursday July 18th and when I first started promoting it I was going to charge $14.95 for the webinar.  I was going to charge just a small amount for the event and was going to provide a ton of value.   But honestly, I just didn’t feel right about it.

My goal is to create a webinar series of at least 5 modules and then charge for the course.  Twitter is at the heart of how I market my companies, blog and I even help others with their twitter strategies.  I have invested heavily in learning about Twitter with both my time, energy and with a lot of financial investment.  I’ve learned from some really great social media minds.  Anyway…. I am so excited to turn around and share more in depth of what I’ve learned.  In order to build out the five modules, I decided to make the Twitter webinars FREE.

To today I was convicted by my own words and “preaching” of providing more value.

All of that got me really off of topic.  Today I want to share just a few of the resources I have learned about Twitter from.  I plan to do the same thing in future and share resources I have invested in to learn about Blogging, MLM Recruiting, Posture, Team Building, etc.

I’ll just list some of these out without offering too much commentary.

Video:  Twitter Resources I Use


The Tao of Twitter by Mark Schaefer

Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk (Great social media mind, BIG on giving value, and lives his life with a strong passion to win)

The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk (focuses more on twitter than Crush It)

Twitter For Dummies by Laura Fitton

How To Twitter by Stacey Myers

Online Courses & Live Training

Twitter Muscle with Kim Garst  (this is a $127 online course – I am not an affiliate) – I have gone through this course 4 times.

I’ve attended no less than 20 web training from various Twitter gurus and social media experts.

Most of the Twitter tools I use  have training webinars on how to effectively use Twitter.

Top Earners Academy with Ray Higdon (Social Media & Blogging Training was included)


Heyo (Mostly Facebook)


Infusionsoft (General marketing and social media marketing training to prospects and some only to customers)

The Official Twitter Blog

Google Plus Communities


Boom! Social Media With Kim Garst

Social Media Mentors

Social Media Solutions


The School of Hard Knocks

As you can see, I take investing in myself and into my trade very seriously.  I’m kind of an information junkie.  I do it so I can help my team and those in their home based businesses succeed.   I firmly believe in learning and then turning around and sharing what I’ve learned in order to help others.

PS – If you haven’t registered for my FREE webinar (packed with a TON of value) on July 18th yet, do so by going here and registering.  It’s free.  It will be fun and incredibly informative!

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