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Ok, I’ll admit it, sometimes I can be dense.  Why else would I have stayed with the same job for 24 years working 50-60 hours a week? The money was good – even well above average.  I grew that company from a 12 million dollar company to a 28 million dollar company and had a lot of personal pride in doing so, but I was enslaved to my boss and always left feeling under appreciated and feeling like I had to be “on call” at every single moment of the day.  When I left, those sales of 28 million dollars paid me nothing.  That is NOT a very good lifestyle.  It was time for something better.  I am now creating my ideal lifestyle.

An ideal lifestyle is going to look different for everyone.  For some, it may be simply getting to be at home with your kids and having the freedom to go to their ballet recitals or be at your son’s baseball games.  For others, it may be having the freedom to travel abroad on exotic vacations or traveling abroad on mission trips…or both.  You may visualize road trips with the family or flying to Vegas for the weekend with your friends.  You may dream of a weekend shopping spree in New York or Chicago.  I think in some form or fashion, we all have an ideal lifestyle.  For me, I simply do not want to be married to my office nor to be tied to my computer and I have so many people I want to help in some very specific ways.  I want to be able to go to the lake whenever I want and be out on my boat on sunny days.  Whatever your ideal lifestyle looks like, I’m confident you can make it happen.  Matter of fact, that’s what I do now – I like to help people achieve their ideal lifestyle.  I like to help people dream big!

Let’s start with the first tip.

The best way to have your ideal lifestyle is by creating a residual income and passive income. Without a doubt there are multiple ways to create residual and passive income.   Seinfeld, Taylor Swift and the guy who developed the credit card swipe have created some incredible residual incomes – they get paid each time their song is played, TV show is watched or someone makes a purchase with a debit or credit card. Stardom may not be in the cards for me, so I had to find another way to generate residual income.  In my opinion, network marketing is the lowest risk, lowest overhead and most duplicate-able way to create a residual and passive income.

What is Residual Income?

Borrowing from Ray Higdon, here is a great explanation of residual income:

“Residual income is money that comes in from past efforts of YOU or someone or something you are associated with. For example, working to spread the word of a network marketing company to get people to become distributors to receive some form of a monthly auto-ship creates residual income for you. Unlike in most jobs where you punch a clock or trade dollars for hours, residual income generation allows you to be paid on the activities you did, more than once.”

How does that play out for me?  Each month I receive commissions for productivity that I created from my first day with this company until today.  Commissions for me are also generated by my team members for their productivity and by their team members for their productivity and by their team members for their productivy.  That’s passive income.  It’s not just what I produce that counts, but all of the activity that has grown from what I initially created.  Basically, I get paid from the snowball effect of everything I initiated.  In other words, like Ray points out, I’m not trading dollars for hours.  I’m leveraging my time in the most effective way.

Tips To Have An Amazing Lifestyle!

1)  You have to work.  Every day focus a portion of your time on income generating activities that will produce residual income for you.  Money is actually required for a good lifestyle.  However, being a slave to your boss does not have to be a part of that equation.  OK, I don’t mean to sound bitter about that one… 24 years is just a LONG time to lose.  Don’t be as dense as me.

2) Create a vision board.  For me, I have a secret board on Pinterest that I view daily.  I also have a “Why” list that I view on a daily basis – it’s a list of what my ideal lifestyle looks like for me and lists the things I want to accomplish.  You have to map out what you want to accomplish and visualize what your ideal life will look like in order to get there.  Otherwise, you’re just floundering around not really headed in any direction.  Create an image (or images) of what your lifestyle looks like and review it daily.

3) Remove the negatives from your life.  I’ve yet to meet anyone whose ideal lifestyle was not filled with positives, yet so much of our lives are swamped with negative influences, negative situations and negative atmospheres.  One by one, remove the negatives from your life freeing the space and time for positives to fill your life.  If you want a different lifestyle, you’re going to have to do something different than what you’ve been doing.  An example from my life: I got tired of being fat and sluggish, so I removed the negative of sitting at a desk all day long, freeing up the space and time to head to the gym. It’s taking a long time to change the effects of 24 years of bad habits and  honestly, it’s much more comfortable sitting at the desk, but day by day I remove that negative freeing that space to be healthy.  Another negative I removed were some friendships that were full of criticism and emotionally exhausting me.  Removing that negative aspect freed up time for healthier friendships and some professional mentors.

4) Help Others.  If you’re going to have a successful and abundant life you have to genuinely help others.  We so often get so caught up in our own dreams and aspirations that we forget to look around and see those who need help.  Use your passions & hobbies to find a natural way to bless others.  Self centered people rarely live a happy life and surely never have a fulfilled life.  Lifestyle is much more than material things you can buy.

5) Have fun now.  You don’t have to wait for a certain time in the future to begin enjoying life so start having some fun now.  Having fun doesn’t have to be expensive or include a 10 day vacation to the Bahamas.  Fun people attract other fun people, thus helping with #3..and having fun is typically a part of the ideal lifestyle for most people.  Start doing the things you enjoy – get out of the rut and start having fun now!  I’m about to head to Orlando for some personal development training, but while I’m there, I’m going to stay 2 extra days in order to simply have some fun!  You’ve got to spend some time relaxing in order to stay productive and rejuvenated.

PS – What are some traits of your ideal lifestyle?  What would your ideal lifestyle look like? Please share them with me in the comment section below.

Have a beautiful day!

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