The Top 5 Lessons Learned This Week For MLM Success


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As I’ve mentioned a couple of times this week I’ve been in Orlando at a training that would help me with the skills I need to take my home based business to the next level.  I have SO MUCH that I am excited to share with you.  I also became very convicted that I need to use more video on my blog and to always provide you value.  I also realized I need to be a lot more specific about the person I am out to help.  My goal is to help bloggers, stay at home moms (and other women who want to work from home) and ordinary people (who don’t want to be just ordinary people) grow your home based business.

I want to point out the top 5 lessons I learned this week.  Seriously, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to begin sharing the lessons I learned with you.  On Sunday I’ll be spending my day at Disney World, but as soon as that is over, content, powerful tips and helpful resources will be heading your way.  But for now, the top 5 lessons I learned this week…and only mentioning five feels like I’m cheating you because I could easily come up with 50 success-pointing tips to share.

Increase Blog Traffic

Even though I wrote a post a week or so ago about 10 ways to promote your blog, I learned so much more to share!  Get excited, it’s coming your way!

Increase Facebook Likes

I’ve only had a Facebook Page for my business for the past several months and have definitely had a difficult time trying to figure out how to work a business page verses my personal page.  I learned from 3 of the top Facebook experts this week.  I’m pumped to implement some of the things I’ve learned and share them.

Building & Training a MLM Team

My team is going to be so blessed by this, but not only my team but my readers who have teams that they want to grow and nurture.  I learned concepts, practices and systems I had never heard of before, and I’m excited to share that with you!  Giving my team and downline the support, training and encouragement they need is of utmost importance to me.  This area will be career changing!

Great Questions To Ask When Recruiting

The importance of asking great questions is paramount as I am trying to help recruits figure out if my business opportunity is right for them.  We can’t discover their needs if we don’t ask excellent questions.  The better recruiters we are, the more people we are able to impact, so learning great questions gives us the ability to impact even more lives.  I’ll be sharing some of these questions!

Bring Value

The entire three days we had pounded in our heads about how important it is to bring value through our blogs, through those we come in contact with, to our followers, to our customers, to our team members, to our companies, to our colleagues…to everyone around us.  Something clicked with me today and it resonated with me like never before.  You will see value coming your way.  If you don’t, call me on it… I am here to bring major value to my readership.

PS – If you have areas in your home based business you would like tips on, please comment below and let me know what areas I can help you with.