Give Them Something To Facebook Stalk

Is Your “About Me” Section Complete? We’ve all heard the term “Facebook Stalk” ….but just in case you haven’t, it’s not a bad thing at all.  It’s simply the act of looking people up on Facebook to find more information about them.  As the term is used, it could be a friend or a foe. …

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How To Get Mass Exposure For Your Business

  Do You Need More Exposure For Your Network Marketing Business Without a doubt, the answer to that question is yes.  Success in Network Marketing comes by getting eyes on your opportunity and your products.  The more eyes you get on your presentation, the more your business grows.  True leverage comes by getting multiple eyes…

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Developing The Skill Of Inviting In Network Marketing


  <<<<——- Please Share & Like 🙂 Inviting – The Gateway Skill of Network Marketing I’ve heard it said that the skill of inviting is the “gateway skill” in Network Marketing. Meaning, that by developing this skill it opens up the profession of Network Marketing to you.  If you do not develop it, the profession…

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Using Accountability To Grow Your Business


<<<—————– Please Share Who Needs Accountability? I’m My Own Boss! Today my video discusses how to set up some personal accountability to help you grow your business.   No one likes to have a boss yelling at them and telling them what to do every five minutes.  For so many of us, I know that was…

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5 WordPress Plugins You Will Love For Your Blog


<<<<————- Please Share  🙂 What Plugins Do You Use? When people talk to me about my WordPress blog they always want to know what some of my favorite plugins are.  It’s almost like people asking what my favorite phone apps are, people are always interested in finding out the latest, greatest, shiniest and always want…

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Blogging Tips: Finding The Best Title For Your Blog Post


<<<<———— Please Share 🙂 Creating A Powerful Title I really do love giving out blogging tips and today I have one for you about coming up with a great title or headline for your blog post.  Have you been blogging for a while and still struggle with coming up with the perfect title for your…

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How To Embed A Facebook Post


<<<<——– Please share 🙂  Do You Want More Facebook Likes? Bloggers know that our facebook pages and our blogs are very closely tied together and the value of having our blog followers connected to our facebook page is huge.  Today’s post is going to show you how to embed a facebook status on a daily…

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Social Media Tips: Use Instagram To Rock Your Blog!


<<<<<<———— Share Here 🙂 Watch Out Vine, Instagram Is Coming For You! I remember that first tweet about seven weeks ago, seeing the announcement that Instagram had implemented video.  I immediately updated to the latest version of Instagram and shot my first Vine on Instagram…or was it an InstaVideo….or was it a InstaVine?  I was…

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Blogging Tips: Points To Consider When Sponsoring Blogs


<<<————– Please Share 🙂 Without a doubt I am very value driven.  I want to provide my readers and followers with tons of value.  That also leaves me as one who is very much drawn to work with others who provide value and exude excellence.  Read between the lines and you can determine I do…

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Blogging Tips: How To Increase Blog Traffic


<<<—— Share Here  🙂 Today I was tweeting with one of my twitter followers and she ended up asking me for some advice on how to increase traffic to her blog.   Isn’t that a goal most bloggers have?  No matter the number of page views we have, we always want more visits to our site,…

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5 Tips For New (ish) Bloggers


<<<<<<——- Please Share Why Just Five Blogging Tips? Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on a BIG list of tips to include in a post to help new (ish) bloggers.  As I’ve been thinking of items to include, I’ve added them to my notebook and today was going to be the day I…

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What Direction Are You Headed? (Setting Goals & Reaching Them)


<<<<——- Please Share Here I found myself out driving around again today.  I have so many things running through my head right now and going out and driving gives me the perfect opportunity to unplug and get away from the distractions, allowing me to think through things.  I have some exciting opportunities coming up and…

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Six Reasons Your Blog Needs Google Plus


<<<<<<——- Share Here Does Your Blog Use Google Plus? Today I went out for a little drive.  I quickly ended up turning around, coming home, grabbing my camera and heading back out with the top down.  It was too pretty of a morning to spend it in the home office.  I grabbed the camera so…

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10 Blogging Strategies Anyone Can Implement (Part 2)


    <<<———– Share Here 😉 Yesterday I started this two part series on blogging strategies to use when starting or improving your blog.  You can view the video and blog article of the first five strategies here.  Today I have five more tips and strategies to share with you. Video: 10 Blogging Strategies Anyone…

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5 Tips To Keep Old Blog Posts Alive


<<<<<——— Please Share 🙂 One of the aspects of blogging that I love so much is the fact that with each new post you are building an asset for your business.  Think about it, if you place Google Adwords or Facebook Ads or even sponsor other blogs at the end of the advertising cycle, there…

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