10 Reasons To Never Miss A Company Sponsored Event

10 Reasons

  As I write this, I am also preparing to spend a few days in Dallas, Texas next week at our National Convention.  Through the years I’ve attended hundreds of State and National conference – but for most of them, I have been an exhibitor working at the event.  This time, I get to attend…

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10 Things To Do When Getting Your Home Based Business Started


  PS.  Yes, I know the “PS” usually comes at the end, but as I was writing out this post it hit me how overwhelming getting started in your own home based business can be…and how overwhelming this list can be, especially for someone wishing to start a work from home business.  It can also…

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One Criteria When Considering a New Business Opportunity

There are different ways to approach going into business and finding a service or a product that will speak to potential customers.  Some people look for very small niches to serve and because of “supply and demand,” typically these services or products end up being rather expensive, and can prove to be very profitable.  At…

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