Podcast Episode 27: Thrive! Network Marketing Success

A Mindset of Gratitude “How do you stay so upbeat, positive and optimistic?”                

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Is This Habit Destroying Your Network Marketing Business?

Habits Make Us Or Break Us Without a doubt, most of the time you hear me discussing the habits that will lead to success for you and your network marketing business.  Whether it’s inviting, prospecting, closing, recruiting or putting value into the marketplace, you want to make certain you create the habits that will build…

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How Much Do Average People Earn In Network Marketing

How Much Do Average People Earn? When the question was asked of me,”How much does the average person make in network marketing?’ I’m sure I did not answer the question they were asking.   I heard “How much do average people make?”  I once heard Eric Worre say that Network Marketing is not for average people…

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How Strong Is Your Belief & Vision in Network Marketing?

  Is Your Belief & Vision This Powerful? In today’s video I share a story about a guy I have been mentoring who has totally blown me away with his vision and belief of what his future looks like in his network marketing business.  I almost have to chuckle when I say I am mentoring…

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Do You Scare Your Prospects Away?

  <<<<——— Please Share Is It Possible To Be Too Enthusiastic? I was asked a few days ago if I had any suggestions on what when you are too enthusiastic about your products.  This lady said she feels like she is scaring away prospects because she is so enthusiastic about what she has to offer. …

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A Tip To Finding More Prospects

  The Most Simple Tip In Network Marketing Prospecting Every single network marketing professional is constantly expanding their network.  It’s part of the process of finding new prospects, new customers and new recruits.  In today’s video I share one simple, and when I say simple I mean SIMPLE, tip that will help you expand your…

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10 Things I Do To Stay Happy


<<<<—– Share here 🙂 Lately I’ve been asked by several people how I manage to stay happy and positive all of the time.  I always take that question as a compliment, but I also don’t want to mislead anyone to believe I am always happy and positive.  I’ve been through a couple of seasons in…

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What Direction Are You Headed? (Setting Goals & Reaching Them)


<<<<——- Please Share Here I found myself out driving around again today.  I have so many things running through my head right now and going out and driving gives me the perfect opportunity to unplug and get away from the distractions, allowing me to think through things.  I have some exciting opportunities coming up and…

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A 90 Day Plan For Long Term MLM Success


<<<<<———– Share Here 🙂 Today I want to offer some very practical tips on how to get your MLM business into motion for long term success.  I want to help you set some goals for the next 90 days and help you implement some money producing activity as quickly as possible.  The approach I’m taking…

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7 MLM Success Tips For Growing Your Business


Over the past week or so I’ve been on a learning binge, stuffing myself with all of the information I could find on growing my MLM business.  I have bought online courses, listened to audio recordings, replayed phone conference calls, watched online training tutorials and have taken advantage of the best reputable training I could…

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How To Start Your Day When You Work From Home


I have worked from home the past 22 years.  There were a few months right after college that I worked in an office, and surviving those few months was motivation enough for me to stay away from an office environment!  I just wasn’t cut out for that environment – honestly, I’m not sure how anyone…

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An Enemy Called Average

Last week I posted “The Top 7 Books To Help Grow Your Business”  and one of the books I mentioned was a book by John L. Mason called An Enemy Called Average.  This book has made a huge impact on me through the years.  It was a book that traveled with me, was thrown in…

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Forgiveness – It’s A Beautiful Thing

The infamous doctors of Rodan & Fields almost always end their videos with the phrase “Skin – it’s a beautiful thing, wear it well.”  When I saw this graphic, I immediately thought “Forgiveness, it’s a beautiful thing.” I know first hand the beauty that comes from forgiveness.  Both from receiving forgiveness, and from being the…

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