Are Your Dreams & Goals Unrealistic?

  <<<<——– Please Share 🙂 Setting Goals and Dreams It’s been written in articles about goal setting that writing your goals down increases the chances of them being realized.  Some articles say it’s a 25% more increase while others move it up to 40% or 50%.  I’m not sure of the actual number, it no…

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7 Keys To Being A Positive Person


<<<<<<—————– Please Share 🙂 How Are You Always So Positive? This is a question I constantly get asked, “How are you always so positive.”  I really do try to be a positive person and I definitely seem to always look on the bright side of any situation.  Even the song “keep on the sunny side”…

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Explore. Dream. Discover.


<<<<<——- Please Share 🙂 Explore. Dream. Discover – these three words are a part of one of my favorite quotes.  Recently, I had the opportunity to write a guest post for Alexa from “Southern Our Way” that featured these words from a rather famous and popular quote.  I want to encourage you to create the…

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Are You Intentional With Your Time?

Image of clock

<<<<<<<<————- Please Share Here 🙂 Today’s blog post is a departure from my typical blogging, social media and network marketing tips, though I do believe at its core it does relate to all three subject areas. In The Blink Of An Eye Have you ever had one of those moments where you were legitimately perplexed…

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10 Things I Do To Stay Happy


<<<<—– Share here 🙂 Lately I’ve been asked by several people how I manage to stay happy and positive all of the time.  I always take that question as a compliment, but I also don’t want to mislead anyone to believe I am always happy and positive.  I’ve been through a couple of seasons in…

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How To Always Have A Positive Attitude


<<<<<——–Share here please 🙂 Does it even sound realistic to think that we can always have a positive attitude?  Do you think I must live in some sort of bubble if I even attempt to always have a positive attitude? I’ll tell you this, if there is one thing that can change the direction and…

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Lessons I Did Not Learn In School


Throughout May I have randomly participated in Jenni’s challenge from Story of My Life to blog every day during the month of  May.  Jenni has given us a topic per day and today’s challenge is for us to write about things we have learned that school did not teach us.  It’s been a LONG time…

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10 Things That Make Me Really Happy


I’m jumping back on the Blog Every Day In May Challenge  again today simply because I love the topic.  How can I not smile when I think about ten things that makes me really happy?  Narrowing it down to ten things is difficult,  but here we go!   one. Being At The Lake Summer time…

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What Do You Do?


Day six of Blog Every Day In May asks the question “If you couldn’t answer with your job, how would you answer the question ‘what do you do?’” Here’s my attempt at answering that question. I’ve discovered that most people do not like the job they have – that they would like to do something…

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Starting Is Imperative


Jenni from Story of My Life has challenged us to write about our favorite quote today.  I love inspirational quotes and tweet them constantly, but it’s very difficult for me to select an overall favorite.  Give me a topic or a theme and I can share a quote with you that stands out, but picking…

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5 People You Need For Success In Your Life


<<<< Please Share This Post Here A few months ago, President Obama took a lot of heat for a comment he had made about how no business truly makes it on its own, that everyone gets help along the way.  I definitely do not want to get into a political debate, but I do understand…

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10 Ways To Stay Motivated When You Work From Home


<<<<<<——– Share Here 🙂 Some mornings we wake up and we are ready to conquer the world! Other mornings we wake up and don’t want to leave the comfort of our bed and the warmth of our blankets. Some days we feel like we’re motivated enough to tackle any challenge thrown our way, yet other…

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An Enemy Called Average

Last week I posted “The Top 7 Books To Help Grow Your Business”  and one of the books I mentioned was a book by John L. Mason called An Enemy Called Average.  This book has made a huge impact on me through the years.  It was a book that traveled with me, was thrown in…

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Enjoy The Little Things In Life

I remember the days oh-so-well.  I was working 50-60 hours a week, traveling like crazy and running from one meeting to the next.  Fast food was eaten at least twice a day and my only exercise consisted of climbing the stairs to my hotel room. My mom told me to be sure to take the…

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Things Aren’t The Way They Used To Be

I don’t write checks anymore because I pay all of my bills online. If I read a newspapers, I read it online.  The past twenty or so books I’ve read have all been on my iPad.  I read scripture on my iPhone and take notes on my phone.  Trips to the library have been replaced…

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