Grow Your Network Marketing Business With This Question

Do You Over Complicate Network Marketing? I see it all of the time, people get into Network Marketing and they instantly think “ohhhh, I know a better way!!” and they immediately go and try to reinvent the wheel.  Or was I the only one who is guilty of that?  Actually, I know people do that…

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Is Your Network Marketing Business In A Rut?

  Please Help Me Get Out Of This Rut How many times do we see this in Network Marketing?  A person starts their own home based business, is incredibly excited for a month or two, brings on a couple of distributors and then, “all-of-a-sudden” their business stops growing.  What changes?  What happens to cause this. …

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Do You Celebrate Others’ Network Marketing Success?

Do You Celebrate Network Marketing Success? If you follow other people in the Network Marketing Profession you constantly see others earning their cars, earning trips or rank advancing on a daily basis.  When that happens, are you jealous or does it inspire you? In today’s video I share a phone conversation I had earlier this…

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How Strong Is Your Belief & Vision in Network Marketing?

  Is Your Belief & Vision This Powerful? In today’s video I share a story about a guy I have been mentoring who has totally blown me away with his vision and belief of what his future looks like in his network marketing business.  I almost have to chuckle when I say I am mentoring…

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How To Get A Bigger Commission Check

  I Want A Bigger Commission Check How often have you said those words to yourself?  How often have you wished that?  Or maybe your desire is for a different set of numbers to increase?  Maybe it’s the number associated with your company rank or the number of team members or the number of company…

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What Does It Mean To “Provide Value” In Network Marketing?

You Should “Provide Value” “Providing Value” is such a buzzword right now in the online marketing world.  Actually, it’s a buzzword in the offline marketing world too.  Advertising and promotion has changed in the past several years.  We hear it all of the time, but do you as a network marketing professional really know what…

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The Fear Of Closing

<<<<—— Please Share Do You Fear Closing Your Network Marketing Prospects? I hear it all of the time, over and over – “I am scared to ask for the sale.”  I’ve even had people tell me “If they really want it they will just tell me they want to buy it.”  That kind of statement…

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Success Habits In Network Marketing Part 2

  <<<<————- Please Share 🙂 How Do You Use Your Time? The great equalizer in Network Marketing is the fact that every single one of us was given 24 hours in a day.  How we choose to use those 24 hours greatly determines our success or lack of success. This week I’m discussing success habits…

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Is Personal Development Important?

  <<<<<———– Please Share 😀 Is Personal Development In Network Marketing Important? Okay, so I do believe we all know the answer to this question is yes, it’s very important.  So maybe a better question to ask is “Is Personal Development in Network Marketing important to YOU?” I absolutely love this aspect of this profession. …

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The Compound Effect of Inviting In Network Marketing


<<<<—— Please Share 🙂 The Compound Effect of Inviting I’ve read two books recently that have helped me truly understand the compound effect.  That is, how small changes we make can have massive results in the future.  Those two books are “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy and “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson.  The…

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What Does “Helping Others” In Network Marketing Mean?


  <<<<—————-  Please Share 😀 Helping Others Succeed?  How?? Today’s post is a continuation of breaking down the 8 Power Word In Network Marketing.  One of the habits or traits of a successful Network Marketing Professional is helping others.  At the Eric Worre Go Pro event I heard this time and time again by top…

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MLM Success Through Affirmations


  <<<<————- Please Share 🙂 MLM Success Series Not for one second do I want to indicate that affirmations alone can bring about MLM Success.  I fully believe that success in Network Marketing comes by doing several different small habits in a extraordinarily consistent way.  There is nothing extraordinary about the habits, but by doing…

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Powerful Words For Network Marketing Success


  <<<<————– Please Share 🙂   Power Words In Network Marketing Since Thursday night I have been attending a conference (virtually) that Eric Worre put together for Network Marketing professionals.  It was a non-company specific event that attracted over 100 Million Dollar a year earners.  Eric gave several of them the opportunity to share a…

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Are You Really In The Game?


  <<<<<<——————- Please Share 😀 Get In The Game I start this video off by sharing a story of when I was playing termite baseball in either 5th or 6th grade.  I can’t recall the exact reason, but I was being disciplined and had to sit out for the first part of a baseball game. …

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Network Marketing Q&A 5

QA Header

  <<<<—– Share here 😀 Network Marketing Question & Answer Series This is the fifth post in the Network Marketing Question and Answer series.  It’s fun receiving your questions and having the opportunity to interact with you through video.  Keep the questions coming!  Just go to my facebook page and send me a message and…

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