Tips For Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle


<<<<<———- Share Here 🙂 Ok, I’ll admit it, sometimes I can be dense.  Why else would I have stayed with the same job for 24 years working 50-60 hours a week? The money was good – even well above average.  I grew that company from a 12 million dollar company to a 28 million dollar…

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10 Reasons Why I Love Work From Home Businesses


There have been two short seasons of my life when I worked in an office.  The first one was when I was fresh out of college and took a job with the company I had worked with during my summer breaks.  Then in the year 2000 I took an assignment to work in an office…

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11 Benefits Of Direct Sales


When I first started writing this post it was going to be titled “The Top 5 Benefits of Direct Sales.”  Then it grew to “The 8 Best Benefits of MLM.”  Then it grew to a list of ten.  Now I’m at 11 benefits and I am going to stop adding to the list, though I…

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How To Avoid A Work From Home Scam


  Have you ever heard the saying “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.”  That concept definitely applies to the work at home industry.  Having the opportunity to actually work from home itself is one of those things that most likely seems “too good to be true.”  I’ve been lucky enough…

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2 More Ways Your Blog Can Make You Money


  So you have a blog and you have thousands of followers and avid fans… Do you realize what a big deal that is???  You’ve worked hard to build an audience and your blog is finding great success!  You have sponsors and get to do great product reviews.  You’re even getting some speaking engagements and…

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7 Tips To Help Grow Your MLM Business


  One of the best ways to get positive and successful results is to find people who are successful, learn from them, implement their strategies and habits in your own life (take action) and keep tweaking the habits and processes until you build your own success.  Learning from others saves us from making the same…

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7 Tips When Becoming A Mompreneur

Have you made the decision to “go for it” and to “just do it!” and become a mompreneur but you simply do not know where to start or what to do next?  Here are some tips to help you get started if you’re ready to change your life, to learn, to grow, to feel a…

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Enjoy The Little Things In Life

I remember the days oh-so-well.  I was working 50-60 hours a week, traveling like crazy and running from one meeting to the next.  Fast food was eaten at least twice a day and my only exercise consisted of climbing the stairs to my hotel room. My mom told me to be sure to take the…

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A Big MLM Fringe Benefit

One of the biggest fringe benefits of being in network marketing is the way it constantly gives us the opportunity to spend time with those who make our lives so much richer.  If you know me, you know I love to encourage others, build them up and I always try to bring out the best…

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Things Aren’t The Way They Used To Be

I don’t write checks anymore because I pay all of my bills online. If I read a newspapers, I read it online.  The past twenty or so books I’ve read have all been on my iPad.  I read scripture on my iPhone and take notes on my phone.  Trips to the library have been replaced…

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One Criteria When Considering a New Business Opportunity

There are different ways to approach going into business and finding a service or a product that will speak to potential customers.  Some people look for very small niches to serve and because of “supply and demand,” typically these services or products end up being rather expensive, and can prove to be very profitable.  At…

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A Rags to Riches Success Story (Audio)

This is probably the most inspirational Rodan & Fields Success story that I’ve yet to find.  It’s truly a rags to riches story.  It’s about Tracy Rogers Willard who had hit hard times and ended up on food stamps and, in her words, hit rock bottom.  This story is truly inspirational!  It’s about 15 minutes…

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A Day of Celebration & Fireworks

It’s July 4th and what a day of Celebration and Fireworks it will be!  Freedom is something that can’t be taken for granted – the freedom we experience here in the United States is certainly something to celebrate, to be thankful for and something we should always show appreciation for to those who protect that…

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My YouTube Channel Featuring Rodan & Fields

I’ve created a YouTube Channel full of informative and inspirational videos that I want to make sure my Rodan & Fields followers know about.  You can view all of the videos I’ve uploaded or tagged by going here: The Rodan & Fields business opportunity video is here and some of the videos that feature…

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