How To Leverage Your Company Video

Talk Less To More People In a video I shared a few days ago I used the phrase “Talk Less To More People” and the post received a lot of positive feedback.  It also generated some questions too, so today I’m going to clarify and share some of the ideas behind this mantra.  This mantra…

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The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

Do You Have A Solid Follow Up Plan How many times have you heard the saying “The fortune is in the follow up?”  No doubt countless times!  And the reason that saying exists is because it’s absolutely true!  What’s REALLY strange, most people do not follow up, and if they do, it’s not very consistently.…

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Is Facebook Still Worth Using For Marketing My MLM?

Is Facebook Still Worth It? With all of the algorithm changes, constant changes and the way Facebook is now making us “pay to play” is Facebook still worth the time and energy it takes to market our Network Marketing business over Facebook?  I get asked this type of question all of the time.  And believe…

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Improve Your Network Marketing Reputation

  Increasing & Improving Your Reputation In Network Marketing I don’t know about you, but I am one who desires a good reputation.  Both personally and professionally.  I want to make certain that I am actively doing things that will help improve my reputation.  In business, we know we have to keep a good reputation…

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Network Marketing Success Equation

Network Marketing Success Simplified Are you like I am and need things to be incredibly simple?  Just tell me what works, tell me what I need to do and then let me go do it.  That’s the reason I want to share the Network Marketing Success Equation with you.   It’s simple!  Actually, everything in Network…

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An Object In Motion Stays In Motion

  Is Your Network Marketing Business Getting Results? So often we want to know about daily routines when we’re in a network marketing business.  And that makes sense, we want to make sure that we are doing the money producing activities that we need to do in order to achieve success.  I see a lot…

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Video Marketing Tips For Network Marketers

<<<<————– Please Share 🙂 What Should My Videos Be About? One of the first questions I was asked after posting yesterday’s video about increasing leads through social media by using videos was “What should I make my videos about?”  That question gets answered in today’s video.  It’s definitely a valid question.  If you’re going to…

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The Fear Of Closing

<<<<—— Please Share Do You Fear Closing Your Network Marketing Prospects? I hear it all of the time, over and over – “I am scared to ask for the sale.”  I’ve even had people tell me “If they really want it they will just tell me they want to buy it.”  That kind of statement…

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Network Marketing Q&A 1

QA Header

    <<<<——– Please Share 😉  New Video Series Today I started a new video series that will simply be answering the questions about network marketing, recruiting, social media, getting leads and how they all tie in together to help you build your home based business through social media.  So feel free to visit my…

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Using Accountability To Grow Your Business


<<<—————– Please Share Who Needs Accountability? I’m My Own Boss! Today my video discusses how to set up some personal accountability to help you grow your business.   No one likes to have a boss yelling at them and telling them what to do every five minutes.  For so many of us, I know that was…

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5 Social Media Tips For Your Network Marketing Business


<<<<<———- Please Share 5 Social Media Tips For Your Network Marketing Business Today I want to share 5 of the tips that I offer in the 50 Social Media Dos & Don’ts giveaway I have on my blog.  These are five tips that I believe can help you expand your reach, encourage you to provide…

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How Do I Create An Opt-In Page?


<<<<——— Please Share 🙂 How Do I Create An Opt-In Page? I have been asked the question lately of how to make lead pages and opt-in pages to generate leads. I’ve also been asked “How did you create the tabs on your facebook page?”  Trust me, I suffered and suffered through learning how to make…

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Blogging Tip: Just Keep Blogging


<<<<———— Please Share 🙂 Blogging Tip:  Don’t give up too quickly As you read the titles of this post “Just Keep Blogging” hear it in the words of Nemo as he encouraged “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” I’ve seen so many bloggers come and go, giving up on their blogs because…

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MLM Tips: Internet and Social Media Marketing


<<<<<<————- Please Share 🙂 Video:  Internet & Social Media Marketing Internet Marketing & Social Media Marketing I’ve recently had some people ask me how I learned about Social Media Marketing & Internet Marketing and if I could share some of my secrets with them – so today’s post is all about just that.  I’m happy…

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Social Media Tips: Use Instagram To Rock Your Blog!


<<<<<<———— Share Here 🙂 Watch Out Vine, Instagram Is Coming For You! I remember that first tweet about seven weeks ago, seeing the announcement that Instagram had implemented video.  I immediately updated to the latest version of Instagram and shot my first Vine on Instagram…or was it an InstaVideo….or was it a InstaVine?  I was…

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