A Network Marketing Recruiting Mantra

Network Marketing Recruiting Tips Have you ever shared your product or network marketing business opportunity with someone, freaked out a little during the process and nervously rambled and rambled and kept taking and rambled and shared the top 100 things in your life they would care less about?  One of the first times I shared…

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How Do You Know If You’re In The Right Network Marketing Company?

How Do You Know If You’re In The Right Network Marketing Company For You? I can’t imagine anyone who has worked hard to build their business, but has not yet reached their desired level of success, not asking this question at some point in time.  Even if it was just in passing.  How do you…

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30 Advantages of Network Marketing

Advantages of Network Marketing

30 Reasons Network Marketing Is Better Eric Worre is known for saying we as Network Marketing Professionals have a better way.   I was challenged last week to quantify that statement and to list 30 reasons why network marketing is a good business option.  As I created this list, and sought out suggestions from others, I…

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Is Network Marketing Hard

  <<<<<————— Please Share Is Network Marketing Hard? I had someone pose the question to me “Is Network Marketing hard?”  I find that such a difficult question to answer.  On one hand, it’s definitely not difficult, but on the other, it’s not something that would be considered “simple” either.  The upside to Network Marketing is…

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Do You Plan Your Vacations Better Than You Plan Your Life?


<<<<————- Please Share Is Escape Easier Than Change? Jim Rohn once said  “I find it fascinating that most people plan their vacation with better care than they do their lives.  Perhaps that is because escape is easier than change.” That throws a serious punch, doesn’t it? I’m currently spending some time at Walt Disney World,…

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Two Network Marketing Tips


<<<<<<———- Please Share 🙂 Yesterday I posted a few Network Marketing tips to my facebook page, including two videos that I’m going to post below.  They are both short clips that each share one tip.  YouTube was doing some scheduled maintenance last night, so I wasn’t able to upload the videos and get this post…

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MLM Tips: Internet and Social Media Marketing


<<<<<<————- Please Share 🙂 Video:  Internet & Social Media Marketing Internet Marketing & Social Media Marketing I’ve recently had some people ask me how I learned about Social Media Marketing & Internet Marketing and if I could share some of my secrets with them – so today’s post is all about just that.  I’m happy…

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Consistency – A Must Do For Network Marketing Success

network marketing success

<<<<<———- Please Share 🙂   Does Success Just Happen? Have you heard this as much as I have?  “In order to succeed you have to be consistent.”   What does that even mean?  For so many in network marketing, I believe we’re guilty of just “playing business” and working our business as a hobby, hoping that…

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MLM Tips: Are Company Training Events Worth It?


<<<<—————  Please Share Video – Are Company Training Events Worth It? Giving Up A Saturday For so many people, the idea of giving up a Saturday for something “work” related is the last thing they would consider.  For me, it has to be something very important to get me out of bed at six in…

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25 Outstanding Tips To Help You Grow Your MLM Business


<<<<<<<————- Share Here 25 Tips To Help Grow Your MLM Business I am so incredibly excited to share these 25 tips with you! They will help you grow and succeed in your MLM home based business if you take heed of them and apply them.  I just published the video earlier today and could not…

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4 Sure Fire Ways To Fail In MLM


<<<<<<——– Please Share Here 🙂 It hit me earlier today that I’m always writing about how to succeed in your home based MLM business, but I haven’t really addressed how to fail.  Maybe by talking about some of the  ways to fail in MLM you’ll have a better idea of how to succeed.  I really…

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Do You Deserve Big Success?


<<<<<——— Share Here if you know people who want big success in their lives. Be sure to watch the 11 minute video, it goes into more detail than I do below and also contains a “big announcement” that I’m only sharing on the video.  Be sure to let me know what you think. I’ll ask…

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Women Entrepreneurs Are Changing the Face of Business


<<<<<<——— Please Share Here 🙂 Twenty Five Years ago women owned just 10% of all US Businesses.  In 2012, that number was closer to 30%.  In actual numbers, according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau statistics from 2007 (which are compiled every five years), there were 7.8 million women owned firms.  The incredibly exciting part…

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How Can I Get People To Listen To Me?


<<<<<<———- Share here 🙂 If you’re like me, you believe with every ounce of your being that you have an incredible opportunity to share and that you have amazing products to sell.  But do you ever feel that people simply do not listen to you about what you have to offer?  I must confess, I…

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The Best Way To Overcome Objections While Recruiting


How many objections do you hear on a normal basis?  No matter the product, service or business opportunity you are promoting, I’m certain you hear the same set of objections over and over.  What is the best way to overcome objections when they come your way? In a sales training I had several years ago…

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