Success Habits In Network Marketing Part 2


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How Do You Use Your Time?

The great equalizer in Network Marketing is the fact that every single one of us was given 24 hours in a day.  How we choose to use those 24 hours greatly determines our success or lack of success.

This week I’m discussing success habits in Network Marketing.  Earlier this week I asked the question of whether or not you are persistent enough.  Today I want to discuss the way in which you use your time.

Are you intentional in the way you use your time?

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Create A Daily Routine

In the video I share some tips on creating a daily routine and planning your day the night before.  Successful Network Marketing professionals continually say that creating a daily routine is vital to success.

Make sure you have a small to do list each day in order to be able to complete the list.  Momentum comes from daily action and even more momentum comes from completion of a to-do list.  You’ll want to make sure that you include your money producing activities and schedule calls for the ideal time for your target market.

I hope you will benefit from the video!

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