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Each morning as I read my morning affirmations, I drill into my core beliefs just how important habits are to success.  The specific affirmation I read is this one:

“I have faith that my daily habits will either lead to success or lead me to failure – and I choose to do the daily habits that lead me to success.”

Habits are simply those actions you do over and over that eventually turn into a way of life.  Good habits in network marketing are simply those habits you do which build your network, your customer base and your team.

A single good network marketing habit is a good thing, but when you begin to take success habits and stack them one on another, you get exponential growth.

I’ve noticed that people seem to develop a single habit and stick with it for a short period of time but they do not stick with it for the long term.  One of the leaders in our company has an incredible way of explaining how long you should stick to the good habits.  He says “stick with it until.”  Until when?  Until you succeed.  Until you rank advance.  Until you are financially free.  Until you have impacted enough of people.  Until.

But what would happen if you took one habit and truly made it part of your daily routine and then added another good network marketing habit on top of it?  When you get to the point that you begin to stack habits, your growth begins to get some major momentum.

Too many times you see people leaving a company event and they are all fired up and they come up with a list of 10 things they are going to do.  They say they will begin reading five pages of personal development books per day, they are going to set up 20 appointments each day, they are going to host two home parties a week, they are going to go to two networking events each week and they are going to begin volunteering 3 nights a week.

And then after the first day they are freaked out.  They are overwhelmed.  They feel like a loser because they didn’t stick to their plan.  And they stop doing anything.

Instead, a better plan is to take your list of good network marketing habits and implement one, then the next, then the next.  Start stacking healthy network marketing habits on top of each other for success.

In my email yesterday I shared a question to ask yourself that will help you understand what actions you need to take to discover the good network marketing habits you need to create:

“What would make it inevitable that ___________”

Here’s how that may look in your business:

What would make it inevitable that I hit the next rank?

What would make it inevitable that I bring on two new team members each week?

What would make it inevitable that I have 100 team members at our next national event?

What would make it inevitable that I grow my network by 90 people each month?

The answers to those questions are pure gold.

When you have your list of needed actions, you get to work implementing and creating habits around them.  And as you create habits, stack the habits that work and are fruitful one on another.  The building and stacking of healthy habits will take you to the top of your pay plan.

If your network marketing company is like most, you’ll have top earners in the company who will even tell you exactly what you need to do and exactly how to answer those questions.  Plug yourself into the system that is already working and stick with those habits “until.”

Creating a healthy network marketing habit is good for your business.

Stacking habits one on another on another on another will grow your business exponentially.  And in network marketing, we seem to be suckers for exponential growth!







Bonnie Cribbs


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