Social Media Do’s & Don’ts For Your Blog

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Social Media Do’s & Don’ts For Your Blog
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Video:  Social Media Do’s & Don’ts

How Many Can You Name?

Post like this are so hard for me because I always want to be thorough and provide a solid list that will share a nugget or two for you that will greatly benefit you.  But when sharing social media do’s and don’ts, it feels impossible to keep a video under 10 minutes because there are so many items I want to suggest, and that doesn’t even provide you with any form of explanation of why I am saying “don’t do that!”

I personally do not mind being told to do something or not to do something, but I always want to understand the reason “WHY?”  behind the statement (I touch on the WHY in the video). That said, this is a very small list of potential Do’s and Don’ts.  But hopefully the ideas will have some spillover into multiple areas of  social media.

The Do’s of Social Media

….the details are in the video

Do brand consistently.

Do show your personality.

Do interact with your followers and show them love. (Here is a previous post on 12 Ways To Show Your Twitter Followers Some Love).   Buzzword: Engagement.

Use Google Plus – be sure to watch the video for the explanation.  You do not want to miss out on Google Plus!

The Don’ts

….the details are in the videofinger point

Do not try to automate engagement.  Especially direct messages on Twitter.  (Here is a link to a post that talks about horrible direct messages).

Do not buy followers/likes.  I promise, nothing good will come of it.

Do not over promote yourself.

Do not try to use ALL social medial channels.

Do not clutter your readers’ newsfeeds.

A Few More Tips

….these tips are not in the video.  It just felt weird only giving 5 of each!

DO – set up a Facebook Page.  This will provide a lot of benefits that your personal page does not allow.  If you’re planning on growing your blog, you want to make certain a fan page is involved.

DO NOT – forget to set your privacy settings on personal facebook page if you have content you do not wish for your blog world to see.  As a general rule, if you put it on facebook, always assume it’s public and anyone can see it.  Privacy on facebook is not a very realistic thought.

DO – use a professional image for your profile pictures and keep it consistent or at least themed among all social media platforms.

DO NOT – make your tweets private if you have a link listed on your blog.  If you’re going to have it listed, make it public.

DO – make your profile descriptions keyword friendly, positive, descriptive and “attractive” to your target market.  These too should be consistent above all platforms you associate with your blog.

DO NOT – participate in drama.  It’s just annoying.  Bring some sunshine into this world!

DO – entertain, inform, engage, inspire, motivate & encourage in your posts.

DO NOT – neglect your social media accounts.  If you have the links on your site, be active and engaging.  Consistency is vital.

DO – analyze which social media sites are generating the most traffic for you and nurture that platform.

DO NOT – argue with an idiot.  There are lots of people out there who try to increase their ego by lashing out at others.  Thank them for sharing their opinion and move on.

And to always end on a positive note……

DO spread positivity, love, kindness, gratitude, good vibes and always offer a tremendous amount of value.

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  1. Roxanne | BALUZ  August 13, 2013

    Thanks for the tips! I’ll definitely gonna use them! :)

    -xoxo- Roxanne | BALUZ

    Connect with BALUZ:
    Blog | Twitter | Bloglovin’ | Pinterest | WeHeartIt | Instagram

  2. Adrienne Smith (@AdrienneSmith40)  August 13, 2013

    Oh that’s a great list Bonnie and although I agree with what you’ve shared here the one that made me laugh was not to argue with an idiot. I see so many people get into a war it seems over some of the stupidest things ever and they continue to fail to realize that what you put on the web stays on the web darn it.

    If you’re here to brand yourself that’s not a great way to go about it, neither is ignoring your friends and followers. Just getting in contact with them will go a very long way.

    Thanks for this great list.


    • Bonnie Cribbs  August 13, 2013

      Adrienne, I’m so honored that you stopped by and read my post. That means a lot to me! Watching some of these online fights makes you wonder if they are auditioning for the Jerry Springer Show!

  3. Avery Z Chipka  September 22, 2013

    Do remember to follow up on the comments people leave on your blog! It makes people feel like you care about the nonsense coming from there keyboards!

    • Bonnie Cribbs  September 23, 2013

      Exactly Avery!! Thanks for reading the post and for commenting. I hope your Monday is a great one!

  4. Rachel  January 2, 2014

    This is great advice that expands farther than blogging in my opinion! You shared some advice that I give my clients at my day job when we get them started on social media!


    • Bonnie Cribbs  January 2, 2014

      Thanks so much for those kind words Rachel! They are most appreciated! Thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting :)

  5. Jackline  January 3, 2014

    Hello Bonnie, thanks for this. I’m really finding social media overwhelming. I have instagram, twitter, and google +, plus my blog. Don’t have much followers, and finding it really hard to get out there! Your tips have helped!!

    • Bonnie Cribbs  January 4, 2014

      Jackline, thanks for reading and for commenting. I would suggest that since you find what you are doing overwhelming, to pick one, maybe two, platforms and totally rock at them. You’ll find much better results by focusing on one platform and totally owning it. After you have that one down and feel you have it going on “auto pilot” then you can add another to the mix.

      You don’t have to be everywhere…but you do need to be on social media :)


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