This is your ground floor opportunity to join the world-renowned dermatologists and creators of the multi-billion dollar brand Proactiv® Solution, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields.

The doctors are changing the face of skincare…again, and are taking the success of Proactiv® to the next level.

Today we are building the organization through the Rodan + Fields® Business System. This is a career building, ground floor business model with products and programs that can change your life and the lives of those around you!  I am looking to expand my team, are you the right person for my team?

This is your chance to partner with the Doctors who created the billion dollar Proactiv® brand. You can leverage their foundation of credibility, brand recognition, and success!  Do you want to be a part of a team that builds on each others successes, and a team that helps you realize your dreams?

Untapped Market Opportunity: The opportunity for dermatology-based skin care is estimated at over 100 million people in the U.S. alone. The demand is very strong. This is the alternative solution to expensive Dermatologists visits. Proactiv® was only the beginning of this huge opportunity. The Rodan + Fields line of dermatology solutions takes skin care to the next level.

Unlimited Earning Potential: With this lucrative compensation plan, their is no ceiling on your earnings potential. Independent Consultants are achieving financial success all across the country and we have just started!

Minimal start-up costs & NO RISK: What other high potential opportunity with proven results and a proven brand can you start for as little as $695.00?  You will love the products and the people you share the products with will love you for it!  You will want to join with either the Big Business Launch Kit for $695 (includes $1,300 of product) or the RFx Express Business Kit (includes $1,800 of product).  Both kits include the same compensation plan.

Ongoing Training Support, & Success System: You will receive unmatched skincare and business development training from industry leaders. Including the Pulse™ Business Management Suite with you own business websites allowing you to conduct business virtually from anywhere. No product to stock, no hassles. The business success system is best of class. You will be set up and ready to do business immediately upon enrolling.

Why Now? Timing is everything.
A ground floor, unparalleled opportunity.
Ability to build an empowering, entrepreneurial business during a difficult economic period: work for yourself now!
National and International Expansion is just beginning.

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