Provide Added Value In A Hair Salon

The past three days were spent in Birmingham at Premiere Birmingham, a hair and beauty show for cosmetologist and hair salon owners.  As I visited the other booths and watched some of the shows, I kept hearing a recurring theme:  You need to provide added value to your customers as they visit your salon.  My business is the same way – to my customers, I must provide added benefit and added value.  If I don’t provide added value to my customers, someone else will.  The same principle applies to everyone in business.

So how can we help cosmetologist and salon owners?  It’s simple, we help them earn more money every time someone sits in their chair for a haircut!  And we help them provide this service in a more cost effective way than other products.  Can you imagine earning $300 more every time someone sits in your chair?

So imagine this: You have 10 appointments per day, so you have a captive audience 10 times every day.  And while you are there, helping your customer look more beautiful, you have an audience who will gladly listen to you talk about more ways to be more beautiful.  It’s your job to help them look their best.  And that’s where our skin care line comes in – we help people have beautiful skin!  So if you share our products with your customers, you are giving them more than just a haircut, you are helping give them more beautiful skin!

Rodan & Fields allows cosmetologist to offer a high-end line of skin care products without having to spend  a crazy amount of money on inventory.  So right up front, we are able to save salons several thousands of dollars on inventory!  Doctors Rodan and Fields have created a web based solution tool (and iPad app) that you can have your customers use to quickly determine what products are good for their particular skin concerns.  Whether they have acne, sensitive skin, sun damaged skin, or need an anti-age solution, the doctors have them covered.

So your customers can use the solutions tool, and then sign up at a preferred customer right there from your Rodan & Fields website.  This saves the customer 10% and gives them free shipping.   They order the products and pay on your Rodan & Fields website.  Sixty days of the product is then dropped shipped directly to their doorstep.  The product is like a subscription, so it automatically ships to them ever 60 days.  And the commission goes straight to you!  It’s a great way to add value for your customer and a profitable way to earn money month after month.  And just by talking to them about their skin, you’ve increased what you earned during that appointment. It’s better than relying on tips!

Think about these benefits for salons:

  • No Inventory
  • The product is used every 30 days
  • You earn more money per appointment, making the most of your time
  • You provide an added value to your customer
  • You are constantly adding to your customer base each month
  • Everyone has skin, everyone is a potential customer
  • You save your customers a trip to the dermatologist

If you want to know more about how you can sell Rodan & Fields in your salon, please contact me!

Bonnie Cribbs