Get Noticed On Social Media


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Get Noticed On Social Media

Think about all of the posts you see on social media, especially on facebook.  Do many pages stand out to you?  Are there pages that you actually want to know what they are posting, what they are sharing and what they are doing?  I know for me there are a small handful of facebook pages I really look forward to seeing.  That’s the kind of page I want to have and the kind of presence I believe most people who market over social media would like to have.

What makes these pages stick out?  What is different about these brands then others?  I want to offer five suggestions on how you can improve your social media presence and get noticed.

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5 Ways To Stand Out On Social Media

Know Your Target Market

This may seem obvious to some but for others they think “Who do I care who buys my products?  I will sell to anyone!”  When you think like that, you end up attracting no one at all.  You have to have a very specific customer avatar.  You have to know where they hang out, what they like, what they are into, what their problems are, what the solutions to those problems are and have a very well laid out plan to how you can help them.  When you have the target market picked out and the solution to their problems understood, then you can move to the next point.

Provide Value To Your Target Market

So many business pages and business social media accounts look like a page torn out of the yellow pages or out of the classifieds.  It’s advertisement, promotion, “Look what I have to offer!,” “Look how awesome this is!” and full of posts all about the business or the products.  Providing value means you take the problems your target market has and helping them resolve them.  You want to become the professional and give your target market the reason to go to you as the trusted source.  Don’t be the Yellow Pages, be the google search results!


Once you provide value, you then have to engage with your audience.  Talk to them like they are real people.  Do you know why?  Because they are real people!  Treat people like friends and talk and discuss and build relationships.  This is an active form of marketing that requires humans and thinking.  It can’t be done by automation.   Don’t get me wrong, I do schedule posts in order to be consistent, but you can not automate engagement and relationships!

Post Consistently

Posting sporadically will not cut it!  Several posts throughout the day is the ideal way to build consistently!  I even had someone tell me this week that they followed me because of my consistency and always showing up.  When you do not post consistently people do not see you or remember you.  You are out to be seen and you are out to be noticed on social media.  You DO want to stand out from the crowd in a very positive way!

No Drama

If you post drama, you attract drama.  If you attract drama you end up with customers and distributors who like drama.  Avoid drama at all cost.  It’s childish, it’s unprofessional and it diminishes the way you are viewed.  Always take the high road.

If you found these few tips to be helpful, I ask that you please comment and share your thoughts and responses.

That’s it for today.  Until next time….

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