Network Marketing Tips: Pushy People Are Annoying


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A Question From A Reader

I received a question from one of my readers who indicated she is “newish” to network marketing and wanted to know how to handle a situation with her sister-in-law.  She says “my sister-in-law told me that she finds the ‘pushiness’ of network marketing off-putting. How do you respond to these kinds of attitudes?”  I think this is a great question.  It gives me the opportunity to talk about three things that are very important in network marketing: mindset, posturing and how to act.

In the video I take the opportunity to talk about what an online or virtual “pushy person” in network marketing looks like.  We don’t want to come across negatively in person or online.

Video: Are you Annoying People

Pushy People Are Rotten Apples

I remember the old saying “A few rotten apples spoil the barrel” and I definitely believe that’s the case when it comes to people’s impression about people in various industries, network marketing included.  Personally, I want to help raise the vibration of the entire network marketing industry and help change that old misconception.  Here is a very obvious tip:  If you do not want to be seen as pushy and annoying, do not be pushy or annoying.

Network Marketers Being Annoying On Social Media

Today’s version of being pushy seems to translate into people who constantly SPAM by sharing their links everywhere.  Over promoting yourself and always looking like a flashing neon sign that’s always pointing to you, your products and your opportunity.  Also, when you are being negative about other companies and their opportunities it comes across so bad and reflects poorly on the way you do business.  Being aware of the WRONG way to do this business will help you greatly as you learn how to do this business appropriately.


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