Network Marketing Tips: Pushy People Are Annoying

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Network Marketing Tips: Pushy People Are Annoying
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A Question From A Reader

I received a question from one of my readers who indicated she is “newish” to network marketing and wanted to know how to handle a situation with her sister-in-law.  She says “my sister-in-law told me that she finds the ‘pushiness’ of network marketing off-putting. How do you respond to these kinds of attitudes?”  I think this is a great question.  It gives me the opportunity to talk about three things that are very important in network marketing: mindset, posturing and how to act.

In the video I take the opportunity to talk about what an online or virtual “pushy person” in network marketing looks like.  We don’t want to come across negatively in person or online.

Video: Are you Annoying People

Pushy People Are Rotten Apples

I remember the old saying “A few rotten apples spoil the barrel” and I definitely believe that’s the case when it comes to people’s impression about people in various industries, network marketing included.  Personally, I want to help raise the vibration of the entire network marketing industry and help change that old misconception.  Here is a very obvious tip:  If you do not want to be seen as pushy and annoying, do not be pushy or annoying.

Network Marketers Being Annoying On Social Media

Today’s version of being pushy seems to translate into people who constantly SPAM by sharing their links everywhere.  Over promoting yourself and always looking like a flashing neon sign that’s always pointing to you, your products and your opportunity.  Also, when you are being negative about other companies and their opportunities it comes across so bad and reflects poorly on the way you do business.  Being aware of the WRONG way to do this business will help you greatly as you learn how to do this business appropriately.


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  1. Weng Serrano  October 5, 2013

    I have had a recent experience with a network marketer who is far too pushy. He was trying to get be to be a sole agent for a pain relief patch. He kept on about going to a launch party in Vegas. I am just starting in network marketing myself and as yet I have not made any income but i do know it will be coming soon.
    His tactics were to join and promote a company of which he is obviously an affiliate, but he was OTT with his strategy so much so that I had to tell him to stop contacting me.He stopped for three days and then started again with another “new” offer.
    When I am working I try to be friendly, open and honest with the program I am promoting, I find you get more response that way.
    My biggest problem though is getting people to sign on the dotted line so to speak and say they will join for the small one time fee.
    Any tips for me?
    Please email me if you have some guidance I can use
    Many thanks. Zelle.

    • Bonnie Cribbs  October 5, 2013


      First of all, what a very cool name you have! I agree with you, it’s totally annoying when someone is over the top, especially when they get to the point that you have to tell them to leave you alone. That makes them look so desperate! …and even worse when they start contacting you again!

      It definitely sounds like you are taking the right approach in being open, honest and friendly. That will get you so much further…and in my opinion that’s the only way to do business.

      By the way, welcome to Network Marketing! You found a great business and now it’s just a matter of following the systems, duplicating them and making it happen for you. I responded (in part) to your question on today’s blog and wanted to let you know about that. I was not referring to you when I mentioned one of the readers indicated they are considering quitting.

      I would definitely suggest you take advantage of your companies training programs and make sure you talk to as many people as you can. Keep the leads coming in and keep the sales funnel full. The more activity you have the more success you’ll find. And as I indicate in the video, be sure to read the book “Go For No.” I think it will help you greatly as you experience the perceived “rejection.”

      Here is the link to the blog post:

      • Weng Serrano  October 5, 2013

        Hi Bonnie
        I have just seen your Video about go for no and what you say makes good sense. I did at first feel a little dejected when people say no or not interested but now I know they are not prospects worth pursuing. I do have a question for you though: My company has had several people claiming that this is a scam. We show them our company certificates so that they can see we are a legitimate business but there seems to be nothing you can say or do to change their mind. How do you feel if someone calls your business a scam and just a way for the top people to make money on the backs of others?

        • Bonnie Cribbs  October 5, 2013

          If someone feels you are a part of a scam, it shows they do not trust you or your judgement. I do not know what company you work with, so I’m not sure how it comes across…but I do know some companies come across more “hokey” than others. But keep in mind, anything can be thought of as a scam… how you respond to it, how you posture yourself, will help you stay focused on talking to people who “get it.” Some people just will not get the business model or the opportunity.

          Watch this video about MLM scams – it’s a humorous look at some of the things you can find “scams” on on the Internet.

          People have said the same thing about the company I’m with. I see my paycheck and see the Lexuses and the lifestyles of my upline… I know better than to think it’s scam OR to let people even phase me.

          If someone told me they thought I was working with a scam I would just move on to the next person. If it were someone who knew me, I’d call them on the carpet and ask them do they really think I would be involved in scam.

          • Weng Serrano  October 5, 2013

            Hi Bonnie
            That is a good answer I did not want to say which company I work with in case you thought i am trying to spam you. It is called Supreme Wealth Alliance maybe you have heard of it?
            We do not use hard selling tactics but more of a gentle persuasion and friendly approach.
            You can follow to my website in the link I have to place in my details.
            If you have time maybe you can check it out
            Many Thanks

            • Bonnie Cribbs  October 8, 2013

              Hey Weng, I must confess that is one I have not heard of. Gentle persuasion and a friendly approach will always be a good thing!

  2. Brittany_WMSB  October 5, 2013

    I had a company want me to advertise my legal services with them. I told them I’d think about it, but I’d be out of the office on Thursday and Friday. I got back to the office on Monday to an email and four voicemails. The final voicemail said something along the lines of “I guess you’re not interested, and you could have told me that!”

    I sent him an email saying I was not avoiding him, I was out of the office, but now I am no longer interested in his services. I couldn’t believe it!

    • Bonnie Cribbs  October 5, 2013

      It sounds like this guy was more of a boyfriend gone crazy than a good sales person….. but it definitely sounds like a BAD sales rep. Four calls in two days is absurd.

      It does sound like you handled it in a great way though!

      Thanks for commenting Brittany…and thanks for tweeting about this post too :) You are so awesome!


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