My Number One Success Tip For Your Home Based Business


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I have a success tip for your home based business that will set you on the success track from day one.  Isn’t it incredibly important to have the right mindset and go in the right direction just as quickly as possible?  I will be the first to say there are many keys to success, but this one tip will get you started on the right track.  Ideally you will have this mindset before you ever get into business.  Be sure to watch the video to see if you can pick out what the restaurant owner did to guarantee failure in her business.

Video: My Number One Success Tip For Your Home Based Business

There Is No Plan B

One of the ways a lot of people explain their MLM business is as a plan B.  From day one I have been convinced that my MLM business is my plan A, my long term plan and that any other stream of income would just be considered gravy.  I understand the idea behind saying it’s your backup plan, but that mindset just doesn’t ring well with me.  If you want to succeed, be willing to flip your “plan B” to your “plan A” and give it the position it deserves.  To me my MLM business is a “do or die” kind of situation with failure not being an option.

Success Is The Only Option

So what is my one success tip for your MLM business that will set you on the right success track from the very beginning?  It’s by having the mindset that success is the only option.  Too many people enter this business (or any business) with the mindset “I’ll give it a try for a year to see how it works out.”  It’s like they are saying “I’ll dip my toe in for a while to see if I should eventually dive in.”  If you’re going to do it, dive in and swim with all of your might.  That hesitance and lack of commitment is setting yourself up for failure.  If you are thinking about joining a MLM business or just joined one, do yourself a favor and have the mindset that nothing is going to get in your way from being successful.  Dive in head first.  This is a proven business model – all you have to do is work it and do what it takes to succeed.  But you have to do it with the heart and passion that nothing is going to stop you from succeeding.

I share a story in the video of a restaurant owner who was not willing to sign a contract for her new restaurant for three years because she didn’t know if she would be in business in three years.  Her mindset was guaranteeing failure.  Without fully believing and being convinced that you are going to succeed, you’re not very likely to actually succeed.

Know You Will Succeed

Believe in what you are doing and commit to it 100%.  By creating a mindset of success and being on a mission to play big business, you set yourself up as successful and as a mover and shaker.  People want to partner with that type of people.  Who would ever join you if you come across as “I may not even be in business in three years?”

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