MLM Success Tips: The Fortune Is In The Follow Up


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Is Follow Up Important?

If you want to be a professional network marketer, if you want to have success and if you want to set yourself apart from the others in your company then you have to learn the discipline of following up with your prospects.  Some call follow up a skill and some call it an art – but personally, I feel it’s more of a discipline than anything.  I certainly believe it’s vital to your success.  The way you go about it and handle yourself in the process will allow people to see you either as a professional or an annoyance and nuisance.

Why Is Follow Up Linked To SuccessFollow Up Leads To MLM  Succes

Yesterday one of my upline leaders shared a statistic with me that came from one of our companies top earners.  That leader had shared her personal statistics and shared that 80% of her recruits came to her after 5 follow up connections.  Mind you, I did not say ON the 5th, but AFTER the 5th.  So if you are not following up, how many people are you missing out on?  If you do not have a plan in place to follow up with those people you have shared your opportunity with before, be sure to implement this strategy into your daily routine.

A Tip To Remember

Here’s a tip for you as you begin follow up with people.  On the initial invite or introduction to your business opportunity most people will share a link or a video for the prospect to watch.  Before you provide the link, schedule a time to follow up with your prospect within 24 hours.  You can nail this follow up in place by asking the person to please call, text or email if they are not going to be able to make the appointment.  Let them know you need to fill that slot with other people.  This will help posture yourself as a true MLM professional and let them know that you are into follow up.

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