Let It Go…. And Keep Moving Forward


Don’t you just love the world around you?  There is so much good and inspiring things everywhere you look.

Do you see them?

If you look you will see that there are people making a difference and beating the odds – I get excited when I think of all of the good happening in this world!

No, I’m not oblivious to the bad stuff happening… I’m simply focusing on the good things while trying, with all of my might, to make a difference in the areas where I have some impact.

On this mornings adventure walk, I came across a tiny little girl, who could barely walk, who was stumbling along with all the focus on her upcoming steps (or everything around her, it was hard to tell).

…and with each step she made, there was also a stumble that looked like she was going to face plant.  So cute!!

She kept moving forward…well, for the most part anyway.

This adorable little girl was wearing a little pink tutu and a tee shirt from the movie “Frozen” that said “Let it Go!”

You’ve heard the song before, right?

If you’re like me, you may have just sang some of those words internally too.

Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door
I don’t care
what they’re going to say
Let the storm rage on.
The cold never bothered me anyway!!


As I sang those words this morning as I passed by that determined little girl, I was reminded of the story I heard about the two people who wrote this song. It was a married couple named Kristin Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.

Can you imagine how awesome it would be to write a song that almost everyone knows?  In 2014, their song won an Academy Award for “best original song” and sold over 10 million copies!

On top of that, it will be known by most girls for years to come because it’s already considered a Disney classic.  This couple didn’t just write a hit song, it’s one that generations will come to know.

As I walk through Disney World on a regular basis, I see “Let it Go” on tee shirts, on sound tracks that are being played and sadly, in my head being sung as if I were a some sort of ice princess!

What you may not know is this – Kristin and Robert Lopez had 17 songs that were turned down and rejected before the one you know was accepted. 17!!

What if they had given up after only a few failed attempts?  I mean honestly, most of us give up after 2 or 3 rejections, if we even put ourselves out there to begin with.  They suffered through 17 rejections before they came up with this hit.

Maybe their journey and struggle gave them some inspiration along the way?  Maybe their persistence caused them to write the words we hear displayed in the song?

I think it’s a bit ironic that the song “Let it go” isn’t about letting go and walking away… it’s about “Letting Go” and moving forward, not allowing the rejection and fear to get in our way.

Elsa sings to us and tells us not to be addicted to the outcome.  Okay, so that’s not the language she uses, but that’s the language we are familiar with in our business.

Don’t care what they say!

“Let the storm rage on”

There will be trials, there will be complications and things will not go your way.  You will get rejected. But those are the very things that will bring about your strength and the experience that you need to lead and go to the top.

I’ve heard it said that most professionals have failed more times than an amateur has even tried.  How many times have you failed?

My encouragement to you is this…. remember that you have something worth fighting for, remember you have lives to impact and people to inspire.  You have a fight within you that will not let you give up.

You know that the rejection you hear today will bring you the right “yes” from just the right person tomorrow.

….the cold never bothered you anyway.

You’ve got this and you know you do.

So you may be laughing at me for sending an email based on Disney’s “Let It Go” ….but you are going to love the idea I have for a network marketing training based on Winnie The Pooh! 🙂

Here’s To Helping You Thrive In Your Business!

Bonnie Cribbs


PS – If you struggle with having the mindset of “Let it go” and being able to push through the tough times in your business, I will once again recommend getting The Power Mind Course.  Your mind is your biggest asset in your business, treat it well.

I bring up this mindset training for one reason – I know it will help you!

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