How To Create A Prospect News Feed List On Facebook

How To CreateA Prospect News Feed List on Facebook

How To CreateA Prospect News Feed List on Facebook

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It’s network marketing 101, as soon as you sign up with any network marketing company you will be told to write out a list of your prospects.  Any successful person in network marketing works from some sort of list, whether it’s warm market (people you know), social media, cold market (people you do not know) or your HOT list (the people you know best).

If you are working from a warm market list, social media list or even a cold market list, you can use this tip to help you get and stay connected to your prospects.

Always keep your list close to you – personally, I keep mine in a journal that I carry with me most of the day.  When I’m on social media, I like to go through the list and spend focused time engaging with prospects from my list.  Facebook actually makes this really easy by giving you a place to create a list – and from that list Facebook gives you a special news feed of only those people.  It’s an incredible way to reach out to your prospects quickly and efficiently.

Here is a tutorial on how to create this special list on Facebook:

Creating A Prospect List / News Feed List

Prospecting On Facebook

Almost a year ago I wrote a post that shared “Why I Love Prospecting On Facebook” that shared some of the reasons I love using Facebook to grow my business.  It may sound obvious, but one of the biggest reasons why I love using Facebook to prospect and grow my network marketing business is because it’s where almost everyone hangs out.

People are sharing their lives on social media so it’s a natural place to connect, interact, keep in touch and meet new people.

Most network marketers seem to use social media as a place to pounce, a place to pitch and a place to shout their opportunity at anyone “walking by.”  You wouldn’t do that successfully at a networking event or social event, so I’m not sure why people think social media is a place to broadcast their opportunity.

However, if you use Facebook and social media as a place to “join the conversation” and use it as a place to start conversations, you’ll find it is a highly effective way to grow your prospects list, connect with them and bring on new customers and reps.

Prospecting Locally On Facebook

Recently moving to a new city, I find myself in a position of needing to meet new people who are local to my new area.  Social media is GREAT for this as well!  There are so many local groups and interest groups to be a part of.  Facebook allows you to find people locally… this is HUGE for prospecting.

In today’s video I share a tip on how to create a prospect list – you can also create a list specifically of local prospects too.  As you connect with people locally, you want to make sure you stay connected with them.  If you’re doing Facebook prospecting properly you want the people you meet to “Facebook Stalk” you in order to build curiosity.

If you want to use Facebook to grow your business, I highly recommend checking out “Social Media Local Prospecting Formula”  It’s been an incredible resource to me and the growth of my business.








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PS – If you don’t have a team, haven’t recruited anyone (or less than 10 people), but you want to start a local team using Facebook, this is the course you should get. (Network Marketing Training Course)

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