Great Skin Care, There’s An App For That with PerSKINality

The word “PerSKINality” has been showing up everywhere!  I see on facebook timelines, I see it on Pinterest and the he people I follow on Twitter  tweet about it.  And even some of the best fashion magazines like Vogue and Glamour have bragged about it and featured this great new App from Rodan & Fields.

What is the Perskinality App?  I like the way Vogue introduced it in their article: “If you’ve ever dreamed about shopping for skin care with the country’s top dermatologists, you’re in luck. This week, San Francisco–based doctors Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, M.D., introduced PerSKINality—a free beauty app that helps users evaluate their greatest complexion issues like a pro, then prescribes a custom product regimen to resolve them quickly.”

Once you launch the app, you are asked a series of questions, in a fun and fresh way, then are asked to take a picture of face (with no make up) and then the advanced technology takes over and analyzes the face, scanning for wrinkles, redness, acne, clarity and so much more.  It provides tips and suggestions on how to take better care of your skin based on the analysis along with providing product solutions that you can instantly purchase.  You are getting to use a technology that no other dermatologist in the country currently has access to, and for free!

I love the branding! And the branding for PerSKINality is exceptional!  There is a facebook group you can join, a Pinterest competition this month, the solutions that are offered have fun and catchy names, the packaging for each are cute and trendy and the name itself is unique.  It’s great marketing and branding!  But what’s better than that?  The products actually work!

The APP is available on the Rodan & Fields website, on Independent Consultants websites, on Facebook and on iTunes for free for both the iPad and iPhone.  It looks great on my iPad!

Glamour, in their article, refers to Katie Rodan & Kathy Fields, M.D., as a “game-changing duo who brought us Proactiv” and it appears that’s exactly what they are doing with the PerSKINality App – they are bringing demontology to the masses for free in a fun and whimsical app.  I’ll provide a link to my APP below so it can be tried out.  Let me know your perSKINality – I’m “Too Hot To Handle” – who doesn’t love hearing that?

Find Your PerSKINality Here  and share your results with me in the comment section here and then share your results on Facebook!  It’s so cool, you’ll want to share it!


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