Frequently Asked Questions About Rodan and Fields

Frequently Asked Questions About Working With Rodan+ Fields

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Most people who begin in direct sales do not start by going full time, that’s one of the beauties of this opportunity.

Some of my friends that work full time and really wanted a replacement income set up a very strategic schedules in order to put in a couple of hours a day. While driving to work they made phone calls.   Instead of eating lunch with co-workers they ate lunch with a prospect to present the business or products. Subtle changes to your schedule can have powerful long-term results.

If you have the desire to become your own boss and grow your business, we can make it happen together.  It all depends on how bad you want it to work for you.  This opportunity is perfect for someone with a full time job who wants to earn extra money and replace their current income.

Busy people are the best kind of people for this kind of business!

Busy people can multi-task and seem to always know how to get things done! When I first began in direct sales, I was busy building another business that seemed to require my attention around the clock.  I had also just committed to being at the gym for an hour every day and had some volunteer duties I was committed to. I was on-the-go from the time I woke up in the morning until I went to sleep at night.

The last thing I needed was to add something else to my full plate, but I had a huge reason “why” I wanted the flexibility, financial freedom and fun this type of business allows.  Life is too short to spend 50-60 hours a week working on things that do not matter.  I have a huge desire to help people serve people around the world and was lucky enough to find a way to make that happen. Someone once told me, “if your why is big enough, you will figure out the how.”  My “why” is huge and the “how” is making it happen!

Absolutely!  I have never really considered myself a salesperson at all.  But I am very good at sharing with people the products and services that I use.  There’s no telling how many people that use Zappos now because of me.  I’m a big guy who obviously NEEDS to go to the gym.  And when I started going to Crossfit I started telling people about it every day. Now my friends and family are sharing their Crossfit experiences with me. And as ironic as it may be, I also share my favorite restaurants with everyone too.  People want to know where I stay and where I eat when I go to Disney World or see the pictures from the beach and want to know the name of the resort.  We share the things we love in a very natural, non-threatening way.  This opportunity is so huge and so awesome, you’ll want to share it! Not sell it, but share it.

The quick and easy answer to this is “No way!”  This is a legitimate business opportunity to have your own business, carry incredible skin care products, earn your own money, take advantage of tax breaks and help other people have great skin in the process.  I can share with you story after story after story of long time friends (known before any of us were involved with Rodan + Fields) who are selling lots of products and who are earning substantial money (no matter of what your definition of “substantial money” may be.  But I do understand the question and why this seems to be asked.  Since you may not know me, I will not take offense at you asking whether or not I’d be involved in an illegal Pyramid Scheme.  Matter of fact, I dedicated an entire post to this question.  You can read that post by clicking here.

Our products are a great value, and people spend money on products that work, make them feel better and products that get results.  Our regiments average $3 a day.  Most people are happy to spend $3 a day to have skin that looks great and feels great.  If someone has a skin problem they will cut out luxuries in order to look better.  We’re all vain on some level.  During the great depression, one of the best selling products for women was lipstick.  When times are hard, you still want to feel and look beautiful in order to feel better about yourself.

When you are in your mid 30’s and end up competing with a young 20 something out of college that will work for pennies on the dollar, you are going to do everything you can to look younger. It’s the first thing someone notices when they meet you. It is important to take care of it with a quality product.  People make room for products and services that make them feel and look better.

Trust me when I say your friends have spent much more on skin care and beauty products than they care to talk about.  Just look at their drawers full of drug store or department store products that promised the moon and didn’t deliver. It’s their product graveyard. Products they tried, didn’t work, and then were stuck with them. We have a 60-day empty bottle money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work they can send it back and get a full refund.  Your friends are going to love these products!

Yes, absolutely you can make money with Rodan + Fields!  We have a plan to get your initial investment back in your first 30-60 days.  Personally, I made my investment back and started earning money in about 45 day.

You will obviously make more money by bringing on business partners and growing a team of other product sales people and team builders. In order to build a residual income you must have a good mix of both business partners and product sales.

Most direct sales companies use “signing people up” to drive sales companies’ profits. Although we have some nice bonuses for bringing on business partners / new consultants, we are one of the only direct sales companies whose profits are driven by our customers. We have more customers than consultants.  We get tons of free publicity from health and beauty magazines.  Matter of fact, we get more free publicity than all of the other direct sales companies combined.  Yes, that’s more than Mary Kay, Avon, Amway & Pampered Chef combined. People love these products!  Whether you want to work part time or full time, we can begin making you money the first day you decide to join us. I help people get off to a fast start so you can have that beach money you want!

Of course you do! Everyone has skin 🙂

Studies have shown that by time we are 30 years old we have come in contact with more than 2,000 people that we can say we have had some sort of relationship with. I know, it sounds like a very small number, doesn’t it?  With social media we connect with individuals now in a way we never could before. It’s not always the people  you know but who they know!  We all are connected to people who are “magnets” and everyone flocks to them.  Everyone wants to look better, younger and healthier.

Once people know you are doing this and you are sharing your business with others, customers and consultants will be referred to you.  Once you sit down and put your mind to it you will see just how many people you do know.  Typically, it’s not those closest to you that will join you in business or buy products from you. It’s the ones that you least expect to that will jump on board.

When the doctors first created the acne treatment, it was cutting edge and infomercials were the way they got their name out to the masses.  And now Proactiv Solutions has about 80% of the acne market.  At that time, no one was using multi-med therapy to treat acne. It was a spot-treating world full of $2 tubes of cream. Acne treatments were about to be revolutionized. One company told them that it wouldn’t work in the traditional sales arena so they should try doing an infomercial.

The newly practicing dermatologists fresh out of medical school needed someone to back their product and market it. In comes the infomercial. They knew it was a risk because infomercials were, for lack of a better word, “cheesy” and “sub-standard.”  They set out not only to change the way people treated acne but also to change the way the world viewed infomercials.

And that they did!! Now they are changing the way people perceive direct sales. They don’t want to pay another company to put their products on TV. Nor do they want to pay celebrities whose lives they have changed. They want to empower us, the consumer, to have financial freedom on our own terms.  It may sound like a line, but those are the words that come out of their mouths.  They want the money to go to other mompreneurs and entrepreneurs like themselves.

A very successful retired judge, once said, “Be your own boss and make your own money.” I would say his daughter was listening. Not only do both doctors still practice medicine today in California, but also they transformed the way the world treats acne. They could have called it quits and be sitting on a beach somewhere but they have a desire to change people’s lives by not only changing their skin but also allowing us to partner with them in business.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity and want to help others succeed, just like the doctors have done for me!

Yes! I’d love to talk with you.  You can email me at or call me at 615-210-7782 and we can start a conversation.  I’d love to help you figure out if this is a great fit for you.  I will not try to talk you into anything or put any kind of pressure on you.  I only want people on my team who are excited about this opportunity and want to help other people improve their lives [/accordion]