Enjoy The Little Things In Life

I remember the days oh-so-well.  I was working 50-60 hours a week, traveling like crazy and running from one meeting to the next.  Fast food was eaten at least twice a day and my only exercise consisted of climbing the stairs to my hotel room. My mom told me to be sure to take the time to “enjoy the little things in life.”  I kind of chuckled when she said that – who had time for the little things in life? I know I didn’t, I had too much to do.

My dad was a great example to me growing up, and well, he still is.  When I was in elementary school, he gave up a management position with the phone company so he could work less hours, and spend more time at home with us, his family.  I sure didn’t appreciate his sacrifice at that point in life, but now I have so much respect for that one single act in displaying his priorities.  One singe act? No, not really, it was an every day act and effort he made.

Growing up we went camping, to theme parks galore, boating, to the beach, to the mountains, to his family farm for the weekends. We spent time with family on vacations, on the weekends and time spent with friends was plentiful.  I was even blessed to get to go to Disney World its opening year!  We spent countless hours together in the RV.  My dad even had a “family business” that gave us a ton of time together, and Dad taught me that it’s good to make my own money.  Mom and Dad taught me how to enjoy the little things in life.  When did I forget that?

Breaking free from the 50-60 hour a week job may be the best thing that ever happened to me.  Having the ability to refocus my priorities has been wonderful.  Learning to work smart and leverage my time has been such a blessing.  And helping others earn money, reach their dreams and get out of jobs they hate is so fulfilling!  People constantly tell me they hate their jobs – why do they hate their jobs? I believe, at the core, they know they are missing out on the little things in life.

What are the little things in life?  To most, it’s time with their family, time with their kids or time with friends.  Getting to go to ball games, or plays, or dance recitals.  It’s getting to run to the beach for the weekend, or the week with friends and family. It’s getting to spend time giving back to people.  It’s being able to help people who need it – whether financially or by giving them valuable time.  It’s getting to chaperone a class trip or go to a father-daughter breakfast.  It’s getting to take a hike at 11 in the morning, or going for a jog at 2 in the afternoon.  It’s time spent with the people you love and doing the things you love.

My job now allows me to help people get to enjoy the little things in life.  I get to help people build their business and learn how to do Direct Marketing / MLM in a way that helps them build our team.  Do we work hard? Yes, we do.  But we work hard on our own terms and build a team that gives us residual income whether or now we are at home, at the beach or on a class trip.

I’d love to share my business opportunity with you!  I want you to be able to enjoy the little things in life, for someday you will realize they are the BIG things!