Do You Deserve Big Success?


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Be sure to watch the 11 minute video, it goes into more detail than I do below and also contains a “big announcement” that I’m only sharing on the video.  Be sure to let me know what you think.

I’ll ask a simple question, do you want big success in your life?  I’ve discovered not everyone actually wants big success in their lives and if they don’t want it, this post may not be for them.  Some people are fine with living an everyday ordinary life and that’s OK, that’s their choice.  For me, I want big success.  This post asks a different question than “do you want it.” It asks “Do you deserve it?”

Do you believe I can answer that question for you?  Actually, I probably can answer that question for you just by asking you a few questions and seeing how you respond.  Do I deserve big success?  It’s a question I ask myself daily.  The reason I ask it is simple.  If I do not deserve success, then success is not going to happen for me.  Let me preface this by saying we all have different definitions of success.  Are there people who have a lot of money who do not work for it?  Yes.  But having a lot of money does not make one successful in my opinion. Does being famous make one successful?  Hitler was famous, and I do not consider him successful.  I want success in my business life, in my financial life and in my personal life.  If you want big success then let’s see if you deserve it.

It’s fun providing MLM Success Tips and helping people succeed in their home based business.  These questions and principles in this video can help you no matter the industry that you’re a part of.

Video: Do You Deserve Big Success?

Ask This To Discover If You Deserve Big Success

Do I have a daily plan?

Do I invest in myself?

Do I believe in myself?

Do I take daily, consistent action steps to succeed?

Again, I’m going to encourage you to watch the video today as most of the “meat” of this post is contained in the video.

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