Peachy Cream & A Sweet Business Opportunity!


<<<<<<———Please Share Here Over the past several months it’s been so fun connecting with different bloggers.  I enjoy getting tips from them, hearing all about their exciting lives and reading their insights about everything from spiritual matters to the obnoxious guys Desiree has to sift through on The Bachelorette.   I follow food blogs and health…

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11 Benefits Of Direct Sales


When I first started writing this post it was going to be titled “The Top 5 Benefits of Direct Sales.”  Then it grew to “The 8 Best Benefits of MLM.”  Then it grew to a list of ten.  Now I’m at 11 benefits and I am going to stop adding to the list, though I…

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Macro Exfoliator Companion iPhone App


Rodan + Fields Launches New Macro Exoliator Last week I posted about Rodan + Fields launch of a much anticipated new product, the Macro Exfoliator, part of the REDEFINE regimen.  You should have seen the lines for this product as thousands of consultants rushed to be the first to have one of these incredible products! …

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Macro Exfoliator Introduced From Rodan + Fields


As most of you know, I have been in Dallas this week at the Rodan + Fields National Convention.  In the months leading up to the convention there has been a major buzz about a new and exciting product launch.  We all know that print media loves Rodan + Fields products and constantly rave about…

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A Healthy Work From Home Regimen


A healthy work from home regimen is vital to your success when you have a home based business.  You have to establish healthy habits that ensure you are at your best to succeed.  Healthy? What do you mean?  Do you mean good habits?  Eating healthy food? Healthy exercise-wise?  What do you mean?  Well, yes to…

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3 Ways to Jump-Start Your Anti-Aging Regimen Now

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 9.04.33 AM

  I’m a twenty-something with (hopefully) many years ahead of me. Most of my friends still lay out in the sun for the entire summer, slathered in tanning oil. To many twenty-somethings, it seems as if we’re young enough not to need to worry about aging skin yet. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t the case. I’ve…

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2 More Ways Your Blog Can Make You Money


  So you have a blog and you have thousands of followers and avid fans… Do you realize what a big deal that is???  You’ve worked hard to build an audience and your blog is finding great success!  You have sponsors and get to do great product reviews.  You’re even getting some speaking engagements and…

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Win Free Skin Care From Rodan + Fields

Rodan and Fields products

  This week we have fantastic give-a-way as part of our current sponsorship with Eat Yourself Skinny!  We’re giving away one of our skin care regimens valued between $160 – $193, depending on the solution that’s right for you. The winner will be announced on Friday, November 23, 2012.  Thanks to Kelly for giving us…

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions About Working With Rodan + Fields


I hear some of the same questions about Rodan & Fields and having your own direct sales business over and over, so I wanted to write a post that would outline some of the common questions I hear.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask, I’d love to help! I have a…

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7 Tips When Becoming A Mompreneur

Have you made the decision to “go for it” and to “just do it!” and become a mompreneur but you simply do not know where to start or what to do next?  Here are some tips to help you get started if you’re ready to change your life, to learn, to grow, to feel a…

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What is a Mompreneur? Big Business Is What It Is!

What is a mompreneur? It’s a great question with an answer that will look different depending on the mom that you ask, but here is a good definition of this relatively new term. “A mompreneur is a newly coined term for women who establish businesses at home while also acting as the full time parent…

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10 Time Management Tips For Mompreneurs

Mompreneur – it’s hard work. Being a mom without the “preneur” is hard enough, and I don’t see how moms juggle all they do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a single mom or have a husband, moms carry the world and make it go round. Add in a business and the pressure increases like crazy! …

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The Qualities of Skillful Leadership by Jim Rohn

If you want to be a leader who attracts quality people, the key is to become a person of quality yourself. Leadership is the ability to attract someone to the gifts, skills, and opportunities you offer as an owner, as a manager, as a parent. I call leadership the great challenge of life. What’s important…

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601 Inspirational Ready To Tweet Quotes

I love tweeting positive and inspirational business oriented quotes.  Most of the quotes I tweet revolve around success, growing a business, staying positive and inspiring work, movement and hustle!  These quotes are all tweet-ready and certain to inspire your audience!  I want to make them available free to you. They are simply a list of…

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‘Tis The Season For Great Skin

Tis the season for great skin.  In celebration of the season, Rodan + Fields is thrilled to announce that all orders $185 or more will receive a complimentary 30 day trial supply of our popular Anti-Age Night Renewing Serum.  That’s a $44 value! So if you have been thinking about ordering some of our outstanding…

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