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Today’s Blogging Tip

It’s Saturday. It’s Football Season.  It’s Halftime.  Yes, today I am writing and filming during half time today.  Saturdays in Tennessee revolve around football, it’s more than just a game, it’s a way of life here in Tennessee.  But before I get too far off track, let’s talk about today’s topic, and that is the way you treat your blog commenters.  It’s a pretty simple idea:  Treat those who comment on your blog like royalty.

Why So Special?

First of all, people who comment on your posts are your customers and we all know that you have to treat your customers right.  They are your readers, your fans, your influencers and engagement with them is key.  Technically speaking, it’s good for your social media and blog ranking and yes, that is part of it…but it will always be people and the way you treat them that is the most important part of your blog and your business.  It’s more than just a blogging tip, it’s a full out business tip on how to treat your customers.

When you have the opportunity to help them, help them.  When you have an opportunity to promote them, promote them.  Look for ways to refer them and connect them with other people.  When you intentionally help others you and your business will be blessed.  It’s just the way it all works out.

Blogging Productivity Tip

I can only imagine that the idea of always commenting and replying to your followers is rather overwhelming, especially when you consider having multiple social media platforms to manage, a blog and everything else that goes into effectively managing a blog.  I use HootSuite to help me manage the comments that come in through social media, keeping them tidy in one spot.  For my blog, WordPress has a build in tool that allows me to see, read and reply to all comments in one location.  Using tools to stay organized will help keep you sane and on top of your comments.

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