6 Ways To Be More Consistent

consistency in network marketing

Consistency Is Vital For Your Business Growth Have you heard the saying “consistency is key” before?  Why is it so important to stay consistent in your actions and activity?  You can probably list several reasons why consistency is important to you.  Momentum, productivity, results, self fulfillment, living up to your potential, …the list could go…

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How To Establish Your Personal Brand

Building Your Personal Brand

How To Build Your Personal Brand In today’s video you will hear learn some tips for creating and establishing your personal brand.  Like anything else that you build, you have to set out with a plan.  What kind of personal brand and image would you like to create?  If you want to establish yourself as…

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7 Tips For Personal Branding On Social Media

Personal Branding Social Media

  What Is Personal Branding? According to Wikipedia’s definition of personal branding, Personal Branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands.  While previous self-help management techniques were about self-improvement, the personal-branding concept suggest instead that success comes from self-packaging. It’s all about promoting you and your expertise instead of your…

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How To Play Big – Part 3

How To Play Big average

How To Play Big Series Today’s video and blog post are part three in a five part series on how to play big in Network Marketing.  If you are ready to play big in your business, this is the series for you. Part One focused on making a decision to play big. Part Two focused…

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How To Play Big (Part 2)

How To Play Big

How To Play Big In Network Marketing Today’s Video and blog post is part two in a five part series that will help you learn how to play big in your network marketing business.  What do you have to do if you want to play big and take your business too the next level.  I…

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How To Play Big In Network Marketing (part 1)

Play Big In Network Marketing

What Does It Mean To Play Big In Network Marketing? Have you heard people talk about “Playing Big” or even confessing to “Playing Small?”  What does it mean to play big in Network Marketing?  What does it mean to you personally?  If you were to say “I am ready to play BIG!” what would that…

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Tip For Selling More

Tips For Selling More

Tip For Selling More In Network Marketing You’ll find today’s tip just a little bit different than most tips that I provide.  Today’s tip is not about a specific skill, tactic or even a strategy.  Today’s tip has everything to do with creating a healthy mindset around selling.  Yes, it’s absolutely possible to have a…

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Tips For Personal Branding In Network Marketing

Personal Branding Tips

Should You Brand Your Company or Brand Yourself? One of the questions you’ll hear me answering over and over is “Should I brand myself or should I brand my company?”  It’s a question I am constantly asked.  And with good reason too.  Most people seem to automatically begin branding their company and its products –…

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5 Must Do’s In Network Marketing

Must do network marketing

How To Grow Your Network Marketing Business One of the topics you’ll often hear me talk about is how to grow your network marketing and direct sales business.  You’re in business and you want to know how to effectively grow your business, right?  That’s the very reason you’ll see so many posts on how to…

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5 Things Not To Do In Network Marketing

Avoid Network Marketing

How To Grow In Network Marketing Most likely you are here because you want to grow your network marketing business.  That’s the very reason I spent my weekend at my company event this past weekend.  One of my favorite sessions was from one of our trainers who is at the top rank of our company. …

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How To Become More Productive Faster

Productive in Network Marketing

Being Productive When Working From Home You may be like so many others and wonder how people who work from home are ever productive.  Or if you work from home like I have my entire career, you may be wondering the same thing about those who work in an office.  How in the world can…

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How To Avoid The Verbal Vomit

Verbal Vomit Network Marketing

Say Less To More People Have you ever heard that quote before in regards to Network Marketing?  “Say Less To More People.”  One of my favorite quotes about controlling the amount that you say to your prospects during the inviting and presenting stages comes from my coach Ray Higdon.  You’ll hear me say this all…

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A Facebook Posting Strategy That Works

Network Marketing Social Media Strategy

Network Marketing & Social Media Network Marketing and Social Media go together like peanut butter and jelly!  In a world where relationships building and networking is key, we have such amazing tools at our disposal.  But you know as good as I do that you can’t just post anything on social media and expect prospects…

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How To Bring Out The Best In Your Team

Build Network Marketing Team

Bringing Out The Best of Your Team Have you ever felt like you were walking a fine line in Network Marketing?  You want to help people succeed, you want to bring out the best in others but you also want to respect the fact that each of your team members are actually in business for…

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How Many People Should You Prospect Each Day

Network Marketing Prospecting Numbers

Treat Your Network Marketing Business Like A Business One of the catch phrases you hear all of the time in network marketing is “If you treat it like a business it will pay like a business.  If you treat it like a hobby, it will pay like a hobby.”  …but what does that mean?  What…

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