How To Grow Your Business With Social Media

how to grow your network marketing business social media

Become The Go-To Person Do you use social media to grow your Network Marketing business?  It’s a great venue to use to expand your brand.  Yes, you have a “brand” whether or not you realize it or not.  And I’m not talking about the “brand” of your network marketing company, but the brand of YOU. …

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The Power Of Your Network Marketing System

There Is Power iN The System

Do You Put People Into Your System When coaching clients come to me and they are struggling in their network marketing company, one of the first questions I ask is about prospecting – how many people are you talking to on a daily basis and how many sets of eyes are you getting onto your…

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Prospecting Tip: You’ve Recruited Someone, Now What?


The Importance Of Getting Your New Recruit To A Fast Start Prospecting is super important when it comes to growing your network marketing business.  You want to constantly seek out and find new customers and new business partners to help grow your business.  When you do find a new distributor, it’s important that you know…

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Is The Honeymoon Over With Your Network Marketing Business?

network marketing struggles

   Your Network Marketing Honeymoon Do you remember the day you joined your network marketing business?  The excitement, the anticipation,  and even your  dreams of what you were going to accomplish.  Did you stay up all night with insomnia ambitiously planning for all of the lives you would impact?  Or on a personal level the…

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How To Effectively Talk With Your Prospects

network marketing prospecting

  Ask Your Prospects Questions How many times have you started talking about your opportunity and the company you represent and 15 minutes later you are still spewing detail after detail about how great and wonderful your company is?  We network marketers certainly have a way of talking too much.  Matter of fact, in general,…

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How To Get Better Social Media Results In Network Marketing

social media network marketing

  Social Media and Network Marketing Isn’t it crazy how big of a role social media plays for some of us in Network Marketing?  Just think, even 1o years ago this was not an medium that we could use to build our businesses.   And for many of us, it’s the primary way we build our…

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One Big Network Marketing Prospecting Tip

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 10.16.55 AM

 Network Marketing Prospecting Tips When it comes to network marketing, prospecting is a must-have skill.  If you do not know how to find the right kind people to buy your products and to recruit into your business, you will never have a thriving business.  Prospecting is a skill that is best learned through experience.  The…

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Expressing Some Gratitude From The Heart

An Expression of Gratitude From The Heart In Today’s Video, you’ll hear some true gratitude from the heart.  It’s Valentines day, so it feels like a good time to tell you what’s on my heart! As you may know, yesterday was my birthday and all day long I was blown away by texts, messages, phone…

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Creating The Habit Of A Good Daily Routine

Creating The Habits Of Success Having a good, solid, productive daily routine is vital for network marketing success.  Matter of fact, its vital for any area of your life in which you would like to see success.  A good daily routine is simply this:  A series of good, profit producing habits that are layered on…

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How To Get An Effective Fresh Start In Network Marketing

I Need A Fresh Start A few times each week I have people ask me how to effectively move to a new company. “How should I change my branding?”  “How can I start out strong with my new company?”  “What’s ethical as far as recruiting my old team members.”  – All kinds of questions come with…

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The Best Excuse Ever

The Best Excuse Ever   The Best Excuses Ever Do you ever hear people making excuses and feel like rolling your eyes?  You hear them and think “Do they even hear what’s coming out of their own mouth?”  Sometimes you even want to call them out for having such a lame excuse!  I know that’s…

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Podcast Episode 42: Thrive! Network Marketing Success

Should I Brand My Company or Brand Me? “Should I brand my network marketing company, or brand me?”    Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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How To Get Into The Minds of Your Prospects

  What Are Your Prospects Thinking So you’ve made it to the point that you’re talking to your prospect about your network marketing business opportunity.  You’re going to see if they are open to watching your company video, or jumping on a call, or attending an opportunity webinar…whatever tool it is that you are using……

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Podcast Episode 41: Thrive! Network Marketing Success

Dealing With Disappointments “When things just don’t go the way you just don’t want them to go.”    Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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How To Get To The Top Of Your Network Marketing Company

  3 Tips For Getting To The Top Of Your Network Marketing Company Would you like some advice from THE top earner of a network marketing company?  In my opinion, when people who have reached a high level of success are willing to have a conversation with me, I am all ears. Earlier this week…

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