Blog Headlines: You Have 8 Seconds


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Are Headlines Important?

Earlier today I read that in today’s online world you have about 8 seconds of someone’s time to capture a readers attention.  A captive blog headline goes a long ways in today’s mobile world.

Diving deeper with a few Google searches I found different articles with varying information.  One article said you have five seconds to capture their attention, one said 15 and another said ten.  None of them offered any type of official study, but all consistently shared the message “you do not have much time to capture the readers attention.”

Yes, blog headlines are important!

My Readership Is Mobile

Google Analytics tells me that 47% of my readers are on IOS.  This means they are either reading my blog on their phone or iPad.  Droid and other mobile devices take the number of people reading my posts well over the 50% mark.  On mobile devices, people scan, thumb through and skim.  Or is that just me?  Capturing the readers attention is vital and compelling copy writing and headline writing skills are certainly helpful.  It’s obviously something I need to get better at myself.

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Ways To Grab Their Attentionblog-headlines

  • Have Compelling Blog Headlines
  • Include Keywords In The Opening Paragraph
  • Make Your Posts Scannable
  • Short Sentences > Long Sentences
  • Short Paragraphs > Long Paragraphs

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