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As I write this, it’s Sunday afternoon, June 9th and I am preparing for an incredibly exciting week ahead!  I’m going to schedule this post for Thursday but I’m writing it now because, starting on Thursday morning, I’ll be in a 3 day long personal development seminar in Orlando.  If I’m going to write about becoming the best YOU possible, I need to practice what I preach and do all I can to become the best ME possible.  So as you read this, I am participating in some training that will help me become better at what I do.  Without a doubt I will have some tips to share from what I learn!  I am so pumped about the next three days in Orlando!

If we do not continue to learn, life will become obscenely boring.  I want to encourage you to make sure you constantly strive to become the best you possible.  As my old piano teacher used to say practice makes perfect, so if you’re trying to improve certain work related skills, keep practicing!  Seek help from those who are more experienced, more successful and who have the traits you want to acquire.  One thing that I’ve learned from other successful people in Network Marketing: the top earners have always surrounded themselves with other successful people to learn all they can about the industry, recruiting,  prospecting, inviting and success  The fact is, if we stop learning we stop growing.  Growing needs to be a daily discipline, not just reserved for seminars and annual company events.

If you want to be better in your business, you need to focus on the areas that will make that happen and then practice, practice, practice.   Take a personal development class, learn a new skill, read some helpful books, watch a web training course, subscribe to a podcast, immerse yourself in a great course or work with a coach to constantly improve.  Here are several action steps I would encourage you to take to become the best you possible:

1)  When your company has a corporate event, always attend.   See some of the benefits I’ve outlined in a previous post here.

2)  Connect with a person you feel would be a powerful mentor (whether business or professional) and connect with them often.

3)  Make it a daily goal to spend at least 30 minutes doing something to improve yourself.

4)  Help teach someone else the skills you have learned.  Practice is a must, but teaching someone else truly takes our skills and knowledge to another level.  Plus, you’re helping someone else become better too.

5) Constantly read books that will help you improve your skills.

6)  Look at your results.  You may feel you do not need to improve your skills, but if you check out your results and they are not what you want them to be – then you need some improvement.  These may seem like harsh words, but when they were said to me I had to take a really hard look at some of the results I was not getting.  I listened after I got over being irritated that someone said that to me… but eventually, it sank in.

7) Remove the negativity from your life.  If you’ve read my blog for very long, you know this is a common them.  Or, as I would prefer to say, surround yourself with positivity.  Surrounding yourself with positivity will help you go from a timid spirit of “I wonder if I can” to “I’ve got this!”

8) Make a list of areas you want to improve in and under each item write down a list of actions that will help you accomplish this.  Immediately begin implementing them.  And again, make it a daily habit to do something to improve yourself.

I’m excited to share some of the things I learn during the next three days!!  If you don’t follow me on Twitter be sure to follow me @BoatingBonnieC because I know I’ll be tweeting tips and quotes throughout the day as I learn them.

Have a beautiful day!

PS- What are some tips you have for becoming the best you possible?  Please share them with me below.

Bonnie Cribbs
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