7 Tips For Building New Habits


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just say “I need to start taking this action so I can change this about myself” and that’s all it took to change?  My guess is that most of the time when you are out to create a new habit, it’s to replace an old habit or to…

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Stacking Healthy Network Marketing Habits


  Each morning as I read my morning affirmations, I drill into my core beliefs just how important habits are to success.  The specific affirmation I read is this one: “I have faith that my daily habits will either lead to success or lead me to failure – and I choose to do the daily…

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10 Tips For Creating A Kick Butt Elevator Pitch For Network Marketers


Today was 62 days straight of taking a morning walk. Well, during Hurricane Andrew it was actually an afternoon walk….but still, today was day number 62! I’m sure this has happened to you too, but I woke up this morning simply needing a change of scenery… so I got up, showered, got dressed, put on…

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7 Ways To Primp Your Facebook Profile


They Will Facebook Stalk You If you’re doing it right, they will Facebook Stalk you! And for us in network marketing, that’s a very good thing.  You want to create enough of curiosity on your posts (and in your life) that prospects look you up on social media and check you out. Or how about…

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101 Lifestyle Posts Ideas For Network Marketers


  LifeStyle Posts For Network Marketers In the post 7 Types Of Posts You Should Be Making (But Probably Aren’t) the first type of post mentioned is LifeStyle Post. In my opinion, no matter what you’re selling in Network Marketing your bottom line product is Lifestyle. We are selling time freedom and financial freedom, which…

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Let It Go…. And Keep Moving Forward


Don’t you just love the world around you?  There is so much good and inspiring things everywhere you look. Do you see them? If you look you will see that there are people making a difference and beating the odds – I get excited when I think of all of the good happening in this…

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9-26-16 Perfectly blues skies – thats’s what welcomed me to today’s Monday morning walk.  Not only perfectly blue skies, but it was also 75 degrees and the humidity felt like it had lowered too. As soon as I walked out the door, I immediately spoke out loud “thank you for this beautiful day!!” Two minutes…

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From Walking To Running


  9/14/16 Do you sometimes feel like your business is just strolling along, on a casual walk, with not much intensity when you would much rather it be in running mode. We have these stories we tell ourselves….they are really lies which are keeping us from our greatness. “I don’t know enough of people.”  “I…

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The Stroller Moms


Today I want you to hear about another observation from my morning walks.  Each morning I pass by a group of, what I like to call, “the stroller moms.”  In reality, they often pass by me! These are ladies who are out exercising together who all have kids in strollers… and they are serious (and…

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7 Incredible Results From Walking Daily

7 Incredible Results From Walking Daily

  There should honestly be about a thousand disclaimers attached to this blog post about the benefits of walking I’ve experienced during my first 18 consecutive day of walking 2+ miles.  It goes without saying, I am in no shape or form an expert at anything fitness related.  Matter of fact, I am an incredibly…

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Having A No Matter Freakin’ What Attitude


Network Marketing Success Secrets On the 2nd of each month my calendar reminds me to read a powerful resource called The Home Business Survival Guide.  Each month I take about 10 minutes and read through these reminders of what it takes to build a successful home based business in the network marketing arena.  It’s a…

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Prospecting: 5 Rules When Dealing With Your Warm Market

Warm Market prospecting Network Marketing

What Is Your Warm Market Just in case you are not familiar with the term “warm market” here is a quick explanation of the different kinds of prospects in network marketing. Hot Market – these are your best friends, your mom, your uncle who support you in everything you do.  If you had a flat…

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How To Create A Prospect News Feed List On Facebook

How To CreateA Prospect News Feed List on Facebook

Network Marketing List It’s network marketing 101, as soon as you sign up with any network marketing company you will be told to write out a list of your prospects.  Any successful person in network marketing works from some sort of list, whether it’s warm market (people you know), social media, cold market (people you…

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Are You Frustrated With Your Success Journey?

Are You FrustratedWith Your Success Journey-

The Road To Network Marketing Success If you’re in network marketing, most likely you have dreamed of having a huge team, rank advancing to the top, walking the stage and being rewarded with fabulous incentive trips around the world.  Or success for you may be viewed in other ways – retiring your spouse, getting to…

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5 Secrets To Create A Mindset Of Success

5 Mindset Secrets Network Marketing Success

  How important is mindset when it comes to succeeding in network marketing? On a scale from 1 to 10, it’s pretty much a 20.  It’s vital.  It’s key.  What’s going on between your ears will either make you or break you.  Trust me, I know this from personal experience. As I walked out the…

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