An Enemy Called Average

Last week I posted “The Top 7 Books To Help Grow Your Business”  and one of the books I mentioned was a book by John L. Mason called An Enemy Called Average.  This book has made a huge impact on me through the years.  It was a book that traveled with me, was thrown in the briefcase, suitcase, computer bag and was perfect for reading bits and pieces at a time. I literally wore the cover out through the years.  It’s full of small, bite-sized, golden nuggets that inspires, convicts and encourages.  In my younger days I learned so much from it.  It my older days, I was reminded of much through it.  The edition I had quoted a lot of scripture and had a lot of Biblical focus.  The most recent edition seems to have removed most scripture and made it more of a general business book.  The principles are the same, but without the direct reference to scripture.  That part saddens me a bit…

I always like to share inspirational thoughts and encouragement to my Rodan & Fields team, and this book has been a great resource.  If you are in a traditional business, a MLM, direct sales or in any position where you need motivational and inspiring words, this book will be great for you.  It’s full of great quotes, too!

When my house flooded in 2010, I lost my original copy.  About a month ago I decided to buy another copy of it, and found it on iTunes!  It’s been re-purposed and updated with some very cool graphics.  I’m going to include some of the awesome graphics that are included in each chapter because I think they’re cool

Go to iTunes and buy this little gem – I think you’ll love it!  It’s a great book for the iPad!