A Guy Named Bonnie?

I aProfile-225-x-225m a guy named Bonnie.  It’s a fabulous name to have when building your name in an industry, but a horrible name to have when you’re trying to survive middle school.  Luckily, I survived middle school and now enjoy the conversation starter that comes from having a name like Bonnie.

In short, I ooze positivity and love spreading it around.  Helping bloggers, mompreneurs, entrepreneurs & network marketers thrive in their home based business is my forte.  My blog focuses on teaching, training & encouraging team members, bloggers & MLM professionals (from any company).  I like to teach network marketers how to recruit more people, get more leads and build explosive teams.  On my blog you’ll find blogging tips, social media tips, recruiting tips, lead generation tips and encouragement along the way.  If you are motivated to build your business, I want to help!

Professionally Speaking…Bonnie6

For 24 years I worked in corporate America and did quite well climbing the ladder of success.   I am one of the few who stayed with the same company for their entire corporate career.  I started working in their order entry department while still a college student and worked my way up to Vice President of Sales and Vice President of Marketing.  By using Social Media & traditional sales & marketing methods I was able to grow that company from 12 Million to 28 Million dollars in annual sales.  My favorite aspect of that job was helping those on my team succeed.

That relationship ended in January of 2012.  I then decided it was time to focus on my own dreams and build my own business.  If I spent 50-60 hours every week (even working on vacations) surely I could build my own business and focus on my own future.  By focusing on helping others grow their home based businesses, I am able to grow my business.  That’s one of the beautiful things about network marketing!

Personal InterestsTitans Gameday

I’m a huge Disney fan, love to travel, a football fanatic and can’t get enough of time on my boat.  I work hard and play just as hard.  Matter of fact, time freedom and having a fun lifestyle is one of the biggest draws to network marketing for me.  Where else can you find this kind of lifestyle?

I live in Tennessee but make it down to Florida enough to merit having an Annual Pass at Disney World.  It’s a magical place that inspires creativity, excellent service, fun and enjoyment.  I seriously can not get enough of all things Disney.  My “It’s a Disney World” Pinterest board is by far my most popular board – go figure!


boatingBonnieCI’ve been so incredibly blessed!  I have Club Level Season Tickets for the Tennessee Titans and also get to go to a lot of college football games.  In the Fall, my Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s typically revolve around football.  I’ve always been rather competitive and sports is one of the ways being competitive plays out for me.  Of course, I experience sports from the sidelines and for fun.  In business, I want to be in the middle of the action and compete with myself to be the best that I can be.

My twitter name is @BoatingBonnieC and that’s because I spend as much time on my boat as I can.  I love the sunshine, love fun, love the water and well…the best way to combine all three is on a boat!  We all have ways to deal with stress in life and my happy place is out on the water with people I love the most.