A 90 Day Plan For Long Term MLM Success

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A 90 Day Plan For Long Term MLM Success
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Today I want to offer some very practical tips on how to get your MLM business into motion for long term success.  I want to help you set some goals for the next 90 days and help you implement some money producing activity as quickly as possible.  The approach I’m taking with this is “start like you are brand new.”  Of course, you can adjust this any way you like depending on where you are on the road to success.

Too often people ask the question “how much money can I start making in the first 30 days?”  I believe this is simply the wrong question and the wrong mindset when it comes to your business.  Yes, you definitely want to begin earning money as quickly as possible and you certainly want to help your new recruits earn money in the first 30 days, but you also want to think long term in order to grow your MLM business for long term success.   “I want to make (insert amount here) by this time next year” is the question to ask and then work backwards to get to that amount.  What will you have to do on a weekly and daily basis to get to that amount?

I have based this plan on my company’s 90 day plan but have added to and altered it slightly.

Video:  A 90 Day Plan For Long Term MLM Success

Action Step 1:  Review your company’s training videos or an upline’s training videos.  Pretend you are new to your company and get re-aquanted with the basic training videos.  You’ll need to refer back to these videos as soon as you bring on new recruits, so you need to know where to direct the new recruits when they have questions.  From the very beginning you need to create a duplicate-able process that they implement as they grow their downline too.  From your first interaction with a prospect you are training them on how to succeed in this business.   It’s all in the process and systems.  The training should cover prospecting, inviting, products, language to use, building your team, etc.

Action Step 2: Build a bank of frequently asked questions that new recruits ask.  As new recruits ask these questions, refer them to this FAQ (video, blog, document)…whatever is your style.  If you are new come up with these questions and then review them with your upline.  Most likely most of these questions will be answered in the training above – so know where to refer the recruits.  You’re not brushing them off as they come to you for help, you are helping them learn where the resources are as they grow their downline.

Action Step 3:  Book your working hours each day for the next 30 days.  You are in business, so during these hours nothing else gets in the way.

Action Step 4:  Set Your 30 Day Goals.  Answer these questions:  How much income do I wish to earn this 30 day period?  How many new direct recruits do I want this 30 day period? How many people will I invite each day to watch a video, or attend a conference call or business opportunity meeting?  Start entering this number on your calendar during the time you have blocked out for your business.

Action Step 5: Have a plan in place to run each new recruit through the same introductory process as they join your business.  (Welcome call, details of where to go for training, back office details, private Facebook team page, video links, going over their 90 day plan with them.  Introduce them to the rest of your team and downline.  Building a community helps tremendously in retention.)

Action Step 6:  Set your working hours for the next 30 days.

Action Step 7:  Set Your 60 Day Goals.  Answer these questions:  How much income do I wish to earn in the first 60 days?  How many new direct recruits do I want the first 60 days?  How many team members do I want the first 60 days?  How many people will I speak to each day about my business?  Begin writing this down on your calendar to fill your working hours each day.

Action Step 8: Set Your 90 Day Goals.  Answer these questions:  How much income do I wish to earn in the first 90 days?  How many new direct recruits do I want the first 90 days?  How many team members do I want the first 90 days?  How many people will I speak to each day about my business?

Action Step 9: Get to work implementing your daily plan.

Action Step 10: After each week, evaluate how you are coming on your daily goals.  Evaluate how you are spending your time.  It’s imperative that you evaluate, adjust, readjust and work toward your weekly and monthly goals.

As you go through the first 30 days you’ll begin seeing what you’re really good at and where you need some help.  Get the help you need and improve your skills in the areas that need improvement.

Also look for ways to leverage your time.  If you’re great at inviting and getting people to attend an opportunity meeting, think about adding a webinar or group conference call to the mix.  Always think about ways to speak to more people more often.You’ll have to adjust your calendar and the number of people you’re speaking to.  You may have to reevaluate your goals too if you find your numbers are too small or too large.

The most important factor is to begin taking daily money producing activities that will help you earn money.

PS -  What are some details you have implemented in your 90 day plan or in the plan you help your downline with?

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  1. Darren Spruyt  July 6, 2013

    Hey Bonnie!

    A bunch of great tips from this post and I enjoyed it! Action step 1 is crucial because it is all about building one’s foundations at the same time. Sometimes, we get so far ahead that we forget what it is like to be a “newbie”. I am guessing this is also a good reminder of where we came from, and making sure we are not teaching and guiding the new reps what is beyond what they require.

    A company may decide to alter some of its trainings materials so it is also essentials to ensure that we are updated with the information and we are consistent with it when relaying information to our new reps.

    Very clear and concise points mentioned! Enjoyed it. It is a definitely a good game plan to follow for anyone in this business.

    Darren Spruyt

    • Bonnie Cribbs  July 6, 2013

      Hey Darren! Thanks so much for your feedback and your kind affirmation! You may be the ONLY person who has every said I was “concise” however. I’ve been working incredibly hard lately to learn the art of communicating a LOT while being concise.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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