7 Ways To Primp Your Facebook Profile



They Will Facebook Stalk You

If you’re doing it right, they will Facebook Stalk you!

And for us in network marketing, that’s a very good thing.  You want to create enough of curiosity on your posts (and in your life) that prospects look you up on social media and check you out.

Or how about when you’re out and about meeting new people at social events or networking events?  Or that person you sit next to on the plane or even the incredible prospect you bump into in line at your favorite coffee shop? Sometimes it just feels more natural to connect with them on Facebook than it does to ask for their number.  And what do you think they’re going to do once you connect with them?  If you’ve made a good connection, they are going to “Facebook Stalk” you and check out everything you!

When it comes to your business, this is either going to help you or harm you.  It all depends on what they discover as they go through your Facebook profile.

Today I want to offer some tips that will help you have the best Facebook profile possible.  I want to help you primp your Facebook profile!

Promoting Your Business On Facebook

Facebook provides business pages in order to promote your business.  Your personal profile is to promote you and for creating and building relationships.  Lucky for us, our business is all about building relationships, it’s even called “relationship marketing.”

I may be dancing back and forth on semantics here….but Facebook doesn’t allow you to promote your business on your personal page.  However, your personal profile is the perfect place to find new prospects and meet new people and build relationships with them.

If your persona profile and Facebook is part of your business growth strategy, you need to make your profile a place where you do business and not focus so much on the personal stuff.  In other words, personal drama, politics, negativity, gossip…..they have no place on your personal profile if you’re going to use your profile for business purposes.

One of the funniest / saddest things I noticed was a lady who was constantly offering her business opportunity through her post and also talking about how broke she was on other posts.  Do you see how this is not a good idea?

7 Tips For Improving Your Facebook Profile

Why do I call it “primping your Facebook profile?”

You know you’ve been guilty of this, you’re going out and you want to look your best….

So you fix your hair, add some lip gloss, put on the perfect outfit, pump up those arm muscles and prepare to impress!  You stand in front of the mirror checking yourself out for a few minutes to make sure you look your very best.

That’s primping YOU…. today we’re talking about how to primp you and your Facebook profile so you can attract that perfect prospect you’ve been looking for.

  1.  Profile Picture – This is the first place people look when they are checking you out.  Your profile picture needs to be a picture of YOU…not your cat, not your puppy, not your grandkids but of you!  Show that smile!  While your profile picture doesn’t have to be taken by a professional, it does need to be clear, well lit and have YOU as the main object.  A smile is mandatory – this is your opportunity to make a good first impression.  Also, avoid “product placement” or company logos.  Your personal profile is about you and your passions.  Avoid company names and product names.
  2. Your Cover Photo – In network marketing, we’re selling lifestyle, so take advantage of this space and make your cover photo a beautiful landscape, a vacation photo or something else that will appeal to your perfect prospect.  Whether it’s an activity you are passionate about, a dream location you want to visit or that beautiful beach scene you dream about, your cover photo needs to be the backdrop that shares part of who you are and what you’re all about.  Also, avoid “product placement” or company logos.  Your cover photo is about you and your passions.  Avoid company names and product names.
  3. Intro Text – This is the area on the top left that allows you a little space to express who you are .  Get creative and fun!  Show off your passion!  This is the place to let your ideal prospects know what you’re all about.
  4. 5 Photo Highlights – Facebook gives you a place to highlight YOU, your passions and what you’re all about about!  Shine in these photos.  This is your life in action.  Showcase how you help others or what you passionate about.  These photos need to resonate and connect with your perfect prospect.  When prospects are Facebook Stalking you, this is the area where they realize you are a person they need to be connected with.
  5. Clean Up Your Timeline – When your perfect prospects scroll through your timeline, are they going to be attracted to you or are they going to be turned off?  You determine the answer!  Will they see someone who is trying to sell them something or will they see someone who can help them?  Again, you get to determine the answer.  Cleaning up your timeline has two phases, first you clean up the past.  Second, you create content that will attract your perfect prospect moving forward. 7 Types of Facebook Post You Should Be Making (but probably aren’t) is a great post that will help you create the type of posts that your prospects will connect with.
  6. Make Your Posts Public – Most people keep their posts all to their friends.  If you’re creating posts and content that are crafted to help and attract your perfect prospects, you want everyone to be able to see your post.  When your content gets shared, it’s important that the original post is set to public.
  7. Allow People To Follow You – As your content gets shared, more and more people will find you.  Many will only want to follow you, but not become “Facebook Friends.”  As your posts resonate with them, they’ll come around.  You want to be able to allow people to go at their own pace when they discover you and your awesomeness.

Building Your Network Marketing Team Using Facebook

One of my favorite resources where I learned how to use Facebook to find prospects, recruit and build a team is a training that Jessica Higdon did called Social Media Local Prospecting Formula.  In it, I learned how to meet people online, where to find them, how to attract them and how to connect with them.  Building a relationship with people and then being able to take it from online to offline is a bit tricky, but Jessica teaches you how to do this step-by-step.

Even though the name of this is specifically about growing your team locally using social media, the same methods are applicable for building a team any place you want to build one, whether locally or thousands of miles away.  I always share this training resource when people asked me how I learned to recruit online using social media.

Jessica also offers free training webinars where she teaches you techniques and strategies to attract your perfect prospects.  You can check out her webinar training schedule here.


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