7 Types Of Posts You Should Be Making (But Probably Aren’t)

7 Facebook Posts Good For Network Marketing

7 Facebook Posts Good For Network Marketing

Have you ever wondered what you should be posting on Facebook (and other social media) to promote your network marketing business, but you just aren’t sure the best way to do this?

Today’s post is just for you!

Too often you see network marketers just copy what other people in our company are posting.  Have you ever noticed that the only people liking and commenting on those post are other people in their company?  That’s not really helping them grow their business, is it?

They post about their products all of the time, and we just copy and paste hoping something will work for us.  I don’t mean to be rude, but that’s not much of a strategy is, it?  But that’s okay,  you’re going to get 7 different types of posts that will help you know what to post to help you grow your network marketing business.

Why Are Likes And Comments Important?

Before we get to the types of post, you need to know why comments and “likes” are important.   For a 15 year old girl, they boost their confidence and strokes their ego.  …but we’re not 15 year old girls, right?

In network marketing, likes and comments translate into a wider audience seeing your posts, prospects you can talk to and validation that you are feeding your audience what they need.

The biggest advantage of creating posts that people like and comment on is really two-fold… it keeps you in front of a wide range of people and it gives you people to talk with and to build relationships with.

You have to stand out on social media…. how do you do that?

Let’s get started…..

1- Lifestyle Posts

Let’s face it, no matter what network marketing company you are a part of, we’re all selling lifestyle.  People are looking for time freedom and financial freedom.  People crave a life of abundance and a life of enjoyment.

Post your vacation pictures, post your travel pictures, post your walks, hikes, trips to the movies, days at the lake, to Disney World, Girls Nights Out, etc.  Show that you have fun and enjoy life.

If you want to attract fun people to your business, you have to show that you are fun.  If you want to attract people who want more time freedom, you have to let them see it’s something you have (or are seeking) as well.

Keep in mind, lifestyle doesn’t have to be luxury, it just has to be “happy.”

2- Selfies

Yes, selfies are everywhere.  …and people love them.   Just yesterday I posted a selfie of me at Disney and within a few hours it had over 100 likes.   network marketing facebook posts

Remember, social media is SOCIAL and your social media accounts are about YOU.  Its not designed to be a selling platform (SELLcial Media) it’s designed to share what’s going on with you.

Selfie’s give people a glimpse into you and what you’re up to.  Remember, we are in a relationship business and people need to be able to get to know YOU.

3- Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes are a great way to take people on your journey and let them see what you’re really up to.  If I were to take a picture right now of a “behind the scenes” it would show me in a rented AirBnB condo in Florida reclined on a coach typing out today’s blog post.

Don’t be afraid to share your journey with people and let them have a glimpse into your business.  Do so in a way that creates curiosity and inspires them.  You do realize that most people hate their job, right?  Let them see that you love what you do.  That way they are much more likely to be curious to learn more.

4- Trending Stories

Facebook gives you so many topics you can talk about by providing trending stories.  By using those keywords and phrases, Facebook even places those posts in front of more people for you because they know your post is a “hot topic.”  How well can you use these?

Make sure these posts are still applicable and relevant to your target audience.  As a rule of thumb, I would suggest avoiding negative and political posts.  You want to make sure you always represent your brand (Brand YOU) and your message well.

Try including a trending story today!

5- Quotes

I may get slammed for this, but I look at the statistics and know what works for my page.  My audience loves inspirational quotes.

As you use quotes, make sure they speak to and inspire/educate/edify your target audience.  Too many times you see network marketer simply posting for other people in their company.  You have to keep in mind that a top ranked person in your company may gear their posts toward their team and not toward their prospects / target audience.

Quotes are a great way to inspire and they are also a great way for people to get to know you and what speaks to you.  People want to be around positive and encouraging people.

On so many levels, quotes are a great way to share your overall message.

6- Videos

There is no better way for people to get to know you and your message than by the use of videos.  Facebook rewards the use of videos by providing a deeper and broader reach too.

People work with people they know, like and trust and video gives people a way to get to know you, like you and trust you.  No other type of post creates rapport like videos do.

You always hear that you have to get uncomfortable in network marketing, right?  Well, this is one of those areas that you need to give a try.

Post videos that will benefit your target audience.
Video from Facebook LIVE

7 Types Of Facebook Post You Should Be Making (But Probably Aren’t)Let’s go LIVE for the first time!

Posted by Bonnie Cribbs on Friday, January 8, 2016

7- Funny Experiences

People love funny.  And people love to comment and like on funny posts.

I don’t know about you, but my life is just full of funny, awkward and downright strange things constantly happening.  Share them!!  Give people something to smile and laugh at!

People need to see you are human and someone the type of person they would like to connect with.  I suppose this goes back to something I said earlier, at the end of the day, we’re selling lifestyle more than anything else, so let people see that you enjoy life.

Do You Have Questions About Social Media and Network Marketing?

Do have questions about how to build your network marketing business using social media?  If so, ask it in a comment below or shoot me an email, I’d love to connect with you to help!  Reach me at Bonnie@BonnieCribbs.com

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