7 Tips To Help Grow Your MLM Business

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7 Tips To Help Grow Your MLM Business

One of the best ways to get positive and successful results is to find people who are successful, learn from them, implement their strategies and habits in your own life (take action) and keep tweaking the habits and processes until you build your own success.  Learning from others saves us from making the same mistakes as others and gives us a head-start at success.  So let me share with you some of the tips I’ve learned in growing a successful MLM & Direct Sales Business.

1.  Set Goals

In all of the the success books I have read, one thing I’ve found that successful people have in common is that they all set goals.  If you do not have goals, how do you know what to do and what action to take?  If you do not set goals, how can you measure progress?  Setting goals is vital to reach milestones such as the amount of money you want to earn, how much product you wish to sell and how many new business partners you want to sponsor.  I am a day dreamer and love to dream about what can happen in my business and what I can do with the success.  Writing those dreams down and coming up with a plan on how to reach them is turning those “dreams” into “goals” and makes reaching the dreams/goals achievable.

2.  Treat your MLM Business Like A Business

Without a doubt, most of us get into Multi Level Marketing and Direct Sales because of the time freedom and financial freedom it offers.  For me, I am friends with many highly successful people in Rodan +Fields who make an absurd amount of money.  They treat their business like a business.  They set hours.  They make sure they have leads coming in.  They keep up with expenses and income.  They network.  They are frugal where they need to be frugal and spend money where they need to spend money.  In other words, they treat their direct sales business like a business.  Having a successful business is possible when you treat your home based business like an actually business.  If start your business only to act as if you you’ve already built it, you will not do the needed actions that it takes to grow your business.  It is a real business, so treat it as such.

3.  Schedule Time To Build Your Small Business

Being a home based business requires a fair share of discipline.  I’ve worked out of my house for the past 24 years and I’m constantly asked “How do you do it?  How do you have the discipline to work while at home?”  My quick response is “You set your alarm and get up early to commute to work everyday, don’t you? How do you do that?”  Simple, it takes discipline.  You have to schedule time to work your business in order for it to grow.  If you do not set time aside for it, you are not treating it like a business nor are you giving yourself the opportunity to succeed.  Keep in mind, the work you do now will pay off for years to come.  Do whatever it takes to make time to ensure success.  You’ll find out that network marketing is fun and enjoyable too.  So after you get going, it’s very easy to set aside the time that you need because it will not feel like work.

4.  Do The Things That Make Money

There are two ways to make money in Direct Sales & MLM, selling products and sponsoring / recruiting others to be on your team to do the same thing.  Selling products will give you some good spending money and recruiting others can bring about the financial freedom you dream of.  It’s so easy to spend your time doing everything but these two key actions, but the other things do not earn money.  Make sure you spend time doing the things that will bring you money.

5.  Never Miss A Company Sponsored Convention

Great direct sales companies have outstanding conferences that give you valuable product information, sales tools, motivation, encouragement and camaraderie.  Always take advantage of the opportunity to empower yourself to have the best knowledge and motivation possible.  Meet the top people in the company and seek their wisdom and learn from their experiences.  Share best practices with other consultants.  Learn from the best so you can be your best!

6.  Keep Your Funnel Full

In order to keep new customers coming and new recruits coming, you have to keep your sales funnel full.  Find ways to attract leads to find those who would be good for your business.  Blog, ask for referrals, facebook, tweet, go to networking events, ….use your special gifts and talents to grow your business.  One of the wonderful things about network marketing is there are multiple ways to finding, securing and generating leads.  Always keep your sales funnel full so new opportunities are always at your fingertips.

7.  Positioning Is Vital

In order to be seen as a leader, you have to be a leader.  Whether you have one person on your team, 100 people on your team or 1,000 on your team, you have to be the leader you dream to be when you have 10,000 on your team.  Position yourself to be that leader now by simply leading, motivating, encouraging and being the kind of leader others will want to partner with.  Most experts are self-proclaimed experts.  But it takes much more than just proclaiming to be an expert, the action behind the words are much more important!

7+  Always Look For Ways To Help Others

One of the beautiful things about this business is that you get to help others grow personally and financially.  But what if someone isn’t interested in your products or your business opportunity?  Still look for ways to connect and bless their lives.  If you are helping people, success is inevitable.

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