Perfectly blues skies – thats’s what welcomed me to today’s Monday morning walk.  Not only perfectly blue skies, but it was also 75 degrees and the humidity felt like it had lowered too.

As soon as I walked out the door, I immediately spoke out loud “thank you for this beautiful day!!”

Two minutes into my walk, I passed by an older gentleman who was out walking his dog.  It was a cute little Terrier who was taking care of his business as I passed.

Being the friendly guy I am, I spoke to the gentleman with a simple “good morning” and a smile.

“Looks like it may be a halfway decent day today, doesn’t it?” he said in his scruffy morning voice.

“It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day!” I replied with my best attempt at 7:30 am enthusiasm.

“Now I wouldn’t go that far…” he grumbled.

And though that was the end of the conversation, his words perplexed me for the next several minutes.

Was this a case of “the glass is half full” kind of statements?  “Looks like it may be a halfway decent day today…”

The two of us were experiencing the same outside environment, but we both viewed it so differently.

Your outlook.  How you experience things.  How you react to them and respond to them – they are all choices we make.  And those choices turn into our habits of how we typically respond to, well, even the weather.

My best guess is this guy has a habit of seeing the world around him this very way every single day.  And yes, I have a habit of seeing the world around me the way I see it.  I just choose to see it in a very positive way.

And you, your outlook for today, your outlook for this week, your outlook for your business and your outlook for the success you’re going to have is a set of choices which turn into your thought habits.  And your expectations, they evolve into reality.

The good news is you have the ability to control your thoughts and thus your habits.  You have the ability to choose your expectations, which changes your reality.

It’s crazy how powerful the mind is!  And if you’re smart, you’ll learn how to use it to your benefit, because it either works for you or it is works against you.

I’m seeing more and more evidence of how our mindset affects our outlook on life and the successes we experience.  I’m grateful that I’ve spent time intentionally training my mind to wipe out the negative.

I’ve mentioned The Power Mind Course that I often listen to when I walk or am in the car.  When it comes to those voices, beliefs surrounding money, getting into action, controlling my emotions, ideas surrounding the value I bring, bringing out the best version of myself…

This course has been a lifesaver. And I do mean lifesaver in a literal sense.

So much of this business is personal development and mindset training.  But for some reason we’re quick to blow off the mindset portion.  That baffles me too, lol.

The reason I mention The Power Mind again this morning is because I know how much it has helped me. It’s an audio mindset course that’s less than $100.  The way I see it, that’s a small price to pay for something that affects the way EVERYTHING is filtered and approached.

I know you have it in you to thrive, succeed and rock this business!  So I wanted to share something that has been super helpful to me.

Here’s To Helping You Thrive In Your Business!

Bonnie Cribbs


PS – You get to decide to make this week great and to impact the lives around you!  Go make it happen today!

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Bonnie exudes positivity. With a strong passion for sharing value, helping others and seeing his team thrive, Bonnie is focused on home based businesses and helping those in his circles generate residual income and a happy lifestyle that allows them to work around their fabulous lives.

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