5 Secrets To Create A Mindset Of Success

5 Mindset Secrets Network Marketing Success

5 Mindset Secrets Network Marketing Success


How important is mindset when it comes to succeeding in network marketing?

On a scale from 1 to 10, it’s pretty much a 20.  It’s vital.  It’s key.  What’s going on between your ears will either make you or break you.  Trust me, I know this from personal experience.

As I walked out the door this morning to shoot the #YourMorningJumpStart Periscope show I grabbed an old journal so I would have something to write on.  What happened next totally rocked my world.

Waiting for the show to begin, I started flipping through old notes and some journal entries from about 2 1/2 years ago and one particular page caught my attention.  Two particular headlines caught my eye. Honestly, what I read broke my heart and brought up a ton of oh-too-real feelings and emotions.   My entire body felt empty and void reading what I had written.  Sadly, reading the notes gave a megaphone to the little voices that once haunted me.

The first headline of the page read “My Top 5 Limiting Beliefs I Have

This is one of those posts where I’m just throwing it all out there… and I’m going to share what those five limiting beliefs were.

Why would I share this?  Because I know others will resonate with them and I want to share with you how I worked passed them.

Here’s some history….

I worked for the same company in corporate America for 24 years and climbed to the top executive status I could achieve in the family owned company I worked for.  I had given 50-60 hours a week to that company, giving up family, sacrificing friendships, relationships and a life because I wanted to go to the top.  I poured every ounce of myself into building that company and grew that company from 12 million to 28 million dollars while I was over the sales and marketing.

In other words, as is typical with lots of males, my “worthiness” was very tied to my job.  And they had gotten rid of me after 24 years of me pouring my entire adult life into them.

So here is where I was with my limiting beliefs about the next phase of my career….

My Top 5 Limiting Beliefs I Have (January 2014)

  1. I don’t have it in me to be successful again.
  2. Who would want my training and courses when other rock stars have training available?
  3. I can’t fit in the culture of (my company at the time) with all the beautiful women they have.
  4. I don’t have what it takes to build a million dollar a year business.
  5. I am going to fail.

Trust me, it was incredibly tough reading that this morning, and just as tough typing that out just now.

It’s bad energy.  It’s all a lie. It’s non-serving.  It reeks of “woe is me.” It’s draining. It’s language that destroys.  ….but when it’s in your head, it feels all-too-real, doesn’t it? Seriously, just writing all of that out, it makes me feel empty and void.  It’s gut wrenching.

For the record, I do not feel that way any longer….but dang, it’s still hard to look back at a place when I felt so low.

Another headline that caught my eye was this “Believe In The Possibility” followed by three questions.  As I read through the questions, the tension loosened, the thoughts immediately began racing and a smile of hope emerged.

Believe In The Possibility

  1. What would it be like to be the best version of you possible?
  2. What would it be like to achieve your financial goals?
  3. What would it be like to reach your business goals?

In just asking the questions, hope arises!  For me, thoughts began to emerge and solutions start coming to mind.   Can you feel a different sense of energy and vibe just by reading through the two?  When you think in possibilities you are able to dream and those dreams come with the power to achieve them.  If you can dream it, you can achieve it.  Dreams are only given to you with the ability to make them happen.

What you focus on expands.  And sadly, there was a time when my focus was on limiting beliefs.  The switch to “what’s possible” made the difference.

…but how do you make that switch?

The Power Mind Course

One of the best gifts I ever gave myself (and my mindset) was a mindset training called The Power Mind by Ray Higdon

You can see from my non-serving language above where my mind was – and it was very far from “power.”  It needed reprogramming and this training helped get me back on track to a mind that thought successful, empowering and can-do thoughts.

The training helped me shift my focus from non-serving to thoughts of power.

The training helped with understanding my value and what have to offer.

The training helped with letting me see how my leadership, style and personality fits in the network marketing profession.

The training helped me with issues I had dealt with surrounding money.

The training helped me remove the fear of failure and not being successful again.

The training helped me have the mindset of a top earner and the actions of one two.

….the results of taking this course?  I started recruiting, building and allowed myself to be ME.

You’d think this would be a thousand dollar training, but it’s only $97!!  If you struggle with any kind of mindset issues, this Power Mind mindset training seriously gets my stamp of approval!

5 Secrets To Create A Mindset of Success

  1. Play To Win vs Playing To Prevent A Loss – When you read the first entry from my top limiting beliefs, you can see that I was playing not to fail.  I was struggling because I was simply working not to fail.  When you play to win, there is a different energy, there is a different excitement, there is enthusiasm and a purpose that comes with joy instead of fear.  Champions play to win.
  2. Fast Is Fun, Slow Is Painful – Have you heard that saying before? In network marketing your team and business growth is much more fun when it happens fast vs being painfully slow.  That’s one of the reason you’ll always see me investing in training, going to company events and taking action.  The courses from those who have what I want cut down the learning curve tremendously.
  3. The Bigger The Dream, The Bigger The Challenge – If you want to accomplish great things and want big success, be prepared for an equal sized obstacles.  If it were easy, it wouldn’t be an impressive accomplishment.  Know going in that you’re going to experience big challenges, but also be aware that the reward is so worth it.   Let people see you have the dream and are up for the challenge!
  4. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others – When you compare yourself to others, you either tear yourself down or you end up tearing them down.  Neither is fair.  You are on your own journey with your own set of lessons to learn and traits to develop.  You’ve got this, that’s all you need to know.  Look at how far you’ve come! That’s what you need to look at.
  5. If You Want Success, Stop The Non-Serving Language – I gave a perfect example above of how non-serving language kills and destroys you esteem, your business and even your dreams. Watch your language.  Change it.  Stop the negative self talk!!  Seriously, The Power Mind Course was a life changer for me.

I know today’s post is a bit different for me because it’s not a “how to” like so many of my post, but I do hope you got value from my experience.  Trust me, I know the mind games that take place – but I also know you’re able to overcome those negative thoughts and turn your mind into a tool that will help you, your business and your team soar!

Here’s to helping you Thrive in you network marketing business!






Bonnie Cribbs


PS: If you struggle with a lot of doubt and the fear of failure, be sure to check out The Power Mind by Ray Higdon.

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