Prospecting: 5 Rules When Dealing With Your Warm Market

Warm Market prospecting Network Marketing

Warm Market prospecting Network Marketing

What Is Your Warm Market

Just in case you are not familiar with the term “warm market” here is a quick explanation of the different kinds of prospects in network marketing.

Hot Market – these are your best friends, your mom, your uncle who support you in everything you do.  If you had a flat tire at 2am on a deserted road with 1% batter left on your phone, who would you call?  Those people are your hot market.

Warm Market – these are the people who know you, those you have relationships with.  People you went to school with, go to church with, those you know from the PTA or volunteer groups.  People you are acquaintances with but don’t fall into the category of “hot market.”

Cold Market – these are people you do not know.  Strangers.  They are servers you meet, people you just meet as you live life but whom you have no relationship with.

Your hot market is the smallest group of prospects, but your best group to go to.  You have a bigger pool of warm market than you think you do and the group of cold market is pretty much the rest of the world!

You’ll never run out of prospects!

Warm Market Prospecting Scripts

In today’s video you’ll learn five rules not to do as you reach out to your warm market.  So often the question comes up about using warm market prospecting scripts.  Scripts have pros and cons and your warm market knows you, so you want to make sure that you don’t come across as robotic and reading a script.  A quick texting script I like to use for my warm market is “Hey!!  Are you up for coffee today??”  That’s all.  Very simple.  ….and the reason it’s effective is that’s the way I text.

When using scripts, be sure to stay consistent with the way you talk, consistent with your personality and consistent with what you typically do.  In other words, if you never meet them for coffee, but rather meet for lunch, just go with that.

Your warm market already knows, likes and trust you – so just be YOU as you reach out to them.

Warm Market Prospecting List

If you need help making a list of your warm market, you may want to go to your Facebook and do a Facebook export of your and go to your phone and (without judging) write out all of your contacts.

Keep a journal or a notebook of your list.  There is power in the written list and as you hand write each name, it gives you a moment to reflect and brainstorm other names as well.

Your list is gold.  It’s the source of new customers and new team members.  Don’t overlook this step!

Video On Prospecting Rules – Your Warm Market

In the video you’ll learn five rules of what NOT to do as you interact with your warm market and you’ll learn how to approach your warm market who may see you in various roles.

Do You Want To Recruit More Reps?

A powerful training bundle that I have gone through to help with the prospecting and recruiting was the Top Earner Recruiting Bundle by Ray Higdon.  There are audios, videos, straight talk, insights like you’ve never seen before.  You know I only recommend resources that I feel are powerful and worth your time…and this one is definitely something that can change the results you experience as you prospect, recruit and build your business.

There are a handful of nuggets that I picked up from this training that I use as my core foundation for prospecting/recruiting.

What a powerful training for anyone who wants to recruit more.
Here’s to helping you Thrive in you network marketing business!






Bonnie Cribbs


PS: If you struggle with prospecting and recruiting, be sure to check out the training bundle that has been hand picked by one of the best trainers in the profession.

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