5 Mistakes You Could Be Making In Your Home Based Business

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5 Mistakes You Could Be Making In Your Home Based Business
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If you’re like most people working in a home based business, you’re probably making at least two or three of these mistakes.  The great news is these are mistakes that can be easily stopped and redirected to help you achieve the positive results you’re looking for.  At one point in time I’ve been guilty of every single one of them as I’ve been growing my network marketing business, so you’re not alone.  I hope these tips will help you with your MLM.

Mistake #1

Non Specific Goals  – OK, so you say you want to earn a lot of money.  But how specific is that?  Or let’s say you are specific and say I want to earn $2,000 extra dollars each month but you don’t break it down any further.  You have to take your big goals and then break them down into every day action goals.  For instance, if you know you want to earn an extra $2,000 each month, how much product do you need to sale or how many consultants do you need to recruit?  If you need to recruit 2 new consultants each month, how many people do you need to contact each day to make that happen?  From there, you have your daily goal to reach.  For instance, if you know you need to speak with 100 people each month to recruit two people, you will not be very effective leaving that goal at 100 people each month.  But if you break that goal down to a daily goal, you’ll have a much great chance to succeed.

Mistake #2

No “Now What?” – What do I mean by that?  Most people are going to begin their MLM by approaching their warm market first.  That is, the people you personally know (friends, family, acquaintances) but once you go through them, where do you plan to go to find leads and referrals?  You have to have an avenue of getting leads for your MLM.  The great news is, this needs to include an avenue that you are comfortable and natural with.  That’s not saying you may not need to learn new skills and learn to excel in some new areas because most successful people are constantly expanding the way they generate leads and expanding their skillset.

Before you go through your warm market, you need to make sure you have additional ways to get leads planned such as facebook, meetups, trade shows, LinkedIn, lifestyle marketing, networking meetings, or twitter (just to name a few).  By starting immediately with “phase 2″ you’ll have some processes and successes in place to build on.  If you don’t know how to turn on a computer, don’t worry with facebook or twitter unless you just want to expand your skills.  You can find an area you are good at and then master that area.  You can find success in MLM both online or offline.  Both methods work!  But remember, the way you recruit needs to be duplicatable if you are planning to grow a team.

Mistake #3

No Daily Plan – You have to plan your day and your routine.  If not, most people just flounder around.  When you look at successful people, they always have a plan of what their day is going to look at.  Control your time or it will control you.  Going back to mistake #1, you have goals that need to be broken down into daily action plans, now it is time to schedule them to make sure you will make time for them.  Be in control of your day.

Mistake #4

Not Taking Action – Success in MLM comes from taking action.  In the simplest of forms, this means talking to people about your business.  We can get so caught up in organizing our desk and making colored file folders and adding contacts to our phones  and adding old high school friends on facebook and well, doing a thousand different things all the while avoiding doing what it takes to grow our businesses…and that’s talking to people about our business.   Do you have the results you are looking for in your MLM? If not, you’re probably not talking to enough people.  Most people just do not take the action needed to find success.

Mistake #5

Talking Too Much – This should have probably been mistake #1 because I believe this is something we’ve all been guilty of.  When we’re telling people about our business we go into full attack mode and verbally vomit on people, spewing everything we know about our company in the first minute we’re talking.  If you find yourself talking more than your prospect, you’re talking too much.  Ask lots of questions in order to find out about your prospect.  If you don’t know about them, how can you help them?  Use your company tools to share the business.  Keep in mind, that in every communication with your prospect you are training them how to be a part of your business.  If you talk for an hour about your business, in the back of your prospects mind they’re thinking “I don’t have time to talk to people an hours about this.  This will take up too much of my time.”  Your prospects are accessing whether or not they can do this business as you’re talking to them.  Anyone can refer people to a recorded conference call or video or recorded webinar.  Don’t talk too much.  Learn to listen.  Send people to a company resource or tool they have provided.

Talking too much is typically your nervousness showing itself.  The more you learn to ask questions and the more you talk with people, the easier it gets.  Practice, practice, practice…

If you can relate to any of these mistakes let me know by commenting below.  How have you overcome this or what do you need to do to improve this area?

Have a beautiful day!


Bonnie Cribbs
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  1. Darron G  November 7, 2013

    great insight on what not to do and also what to do…the daily goals plan was very helpful… I definitely get caught and don’t do my work on a daily basis as I should but I definitely will now!! Thank you so much

    • Bonnie Cribbs  November 9, 2013

      Awesome Darron! Yes, it’s definitely an every day kind of gig. If you treat it like a hobby, it pays like a hobby :) Thanks for reading and for stopping by my blog.

  2. Barbara Read Barton  May 16, 2014

    Great Advice Bonnie.Thanks so much!


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