101 Lifestyle Posts Ideas For Network Marketers




LifeStyle Posts For Network Marketers

In the post 7 Types Of Posts You Should Be Making (But Probably Aren’t) the first type of post mentioned is LifeStyle Post.

In my opinion, no matter what you’re selling in Network Marketing your bottom line product is Lifestyle. We are selling time freedom and financial freedom, which is the ultimate lifestyle.

After sending out a link to the types of posts you should make to promote your network marketing business, I had someone say to me “But Bonnie, I don’t live at Disney World like you do and can’t go to the beach all of the time, what should I post about when it comes to lifestyle posts?”

The immediate response that came to mind was “What do you like to do?”  Your lifestyle posts are about you and the awesome life that you’re creating for yourself.  YOU get to determine the life you create for yourself!

As I walked this morning, I started thinking of different kinds of social media posts that you can make when it comes to LifeStyle.  When it comes to your lifestyle posts it is about showing the way you love life, the way you enjoy your life, the way you spend time with those you love and how you find happiness in your world.  You’re simply sharing your world and what makes it beautiful!

Here are a list of 101 lifestyle post ideas for network marketers.  The ideas can be used on social media and blog post, but as I was thinking of this list, Facebook posts were my main focus.

101 LifeStyle Post Ideas

  1. Share your trip to the movies
  2. Share your top 10 favorite movies
  3. You on Vacation
  4. Travel bucket list
  5. Travel Outfit Of The Day
  6. How to properly pack a suitcase
  7. Favorite childhood experience / memory
  8. Outfit of the day post
  9. Shopping Spree post
  10. Recipe post
  11. Share your favorite healthy snacks
  12. Share your favorite guilty pleasures
  13. Cooking with your family post
  14. Grilling out with friends post
  15. Pool side / resort side
  16. Share an embarrassing story
  17. You at your favorite restaurant
  18. 10 Things I Can’t Live Without post
  19.   Book reviews
  20.   Music playlist post – Road trips, airplane, workout, on the beach
  21.   Date night posts
  22.   Date ideas posts
  23.   Weekend snapshot post where you share what you did over the weekend
  24.   Upcoming vacation post
  25.   Booked a vacation post
  26.   Staycation post
  27.   Monthly goals
  28.   Share something from your favorite blogs that you read regularly
  29.   Share something from a podcast that you listen to
  30.   Share a success of one of your team members
  31.   Share a success you’ve experienced
  32.   Share an epic failures and what you learned
  33.   Share an important life lesson you’ve learned
  34.   Share how you relax after a long day
  35.   Share with your idea of “the perfect day” or better yet, you experiencing your perfect day
  36.   A Live Video broadcast of you about to do something fun and exciting
  37.   A “day in the life” post where you share what a typical day looks like for you
  38.   A grocery haul post showing your latest finds from the grocery store
  39.   Write a letter to yourself at 15
  40.   Inspirational quotes and/or your thoughts on them
  41.   Your favorite books
  42.   A post about why you do what you do
  43.   10 things you probably don’t know about me
  44.   A what’s in my travel bag post
  45.   Share your favorite lifestyle apps
  46.   Share your fitness routine
  47.   Talk about your favorite way to exercise
  48.   Share when you hit major mile markers in your fitness goals
  49.   Share volunteer work you are passionate about
  50.   A picture of you on an airplane
  51.   A newly redecorated room
  52.   Things that make you happy post
  53.   Share organization tips
  54.   Share organization apps you use
  55.   Share apps you use to communicate with your team
  56.   Share when you feel the most creative
  57.   Participate in a challenge & share your experience
  58.   Share pictures of your workspace
  59.   Share your favorite planner / calendar / organizer
  60.   The ever-so-infamous “this is my office” post from the beach
  61.   Share your hobby
  62.   Share Your favorite YouTube channels
  63.   What’s your favorite holiday and why?
  64.   Halloween decorations post
  65.   Christmas decorations post
  66.   Out Christmas shopping post
  67.   Find a TedTalk you love and talk about it
  68.   Birthday wish list
  69.   A list of your favorite people to follow on Twitter
  70.   Your morning routine
  71.   Your bedtime routine
  72.   Share your reverse bucket list – all the cool things you’ve already checked off
  73.   Talk about your pets if you have any and why you love them so much
  74.   Share a particular fashion trend you’re loving (or hating)
  75.   5 fun things to do with your friends
  76.   Visit a new coffee or sweet shop & take lots of pictures to post
  77.   Share your favorite things about Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter
  78.   Write about your strengths
  79.   Write about your weaknesses
  80.   Post about your favorite way to spend your “me-time”
  81.   Post about your experience as you go on a personal creativity retreat
  82.   Free activities to do in your city
  83.   Luxury activities to do in your city
  84.   Post that shares your family time
  85.   Things you love about your significant other
  86.   Post budgeting/finance advice
  87.   Share your favorite brands
  88.   Write about your fears
  89.   Post about something you did to overcome your fears
  90.   Put together a gift guide
  91.   Share a subscription box that you think is cool
  92.   Subscription box review
  93.   Share pictures from a road trip
  94.   Share a road trip bucket list
  95.   Things you’ve learned from your parents
  96.   Share a fun happy hour experience
  97.   Share Your favorite Instagram accounts to follow
  98.   Photos from the spa
  99.   Photos from a dinner party or brunch
  100. Share something you have splurged on
  101. Post that show you actively going after your dream

What To Post On Social Media To Promote Your Business

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