10 Ways To Stay Motivated When You Work From Home


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Some mornings we wake up and we are ready to conquer the world! Other mornings we wake up and don’t want to leave the comfort of our bed and the warmth of our blankets. Some days we feel like we’re motivated enough to tackle any challenge thrown our way, yet other days we could care less if our to-do list even gets looked at.  When you work at home, how do you stay motivated?  How do you deal with the emotional ups and downs?

Here are 9 ways to help you stay motivated and energized.

1)  Set Your Goals

When you have clearly defined goals, you have a way to measure success and to measure productivity.  When you realize you are reaching goals, endorphins kick in and you receive a natural high by realizing you are accomplishing your goals.  Setting goals also gives you a direction and a purpose.

2)  Identify Task

Once you know your goals, you then have to figure out what it will take to make those goals a reality.  How many sales calls must you make? How many customers do you need, and how do you secure them?  How many widgets must you make or blogs must you write?  Identify the task that are needed to be completed in order to reach your goals.  Knowing specifically what you must accomplish will keep you from floundering around and doing nothing.

3)  Establish A Good Game Plan

Once you have your goals in place and the tasks are identified, set a up a good game plan that will help you meet and reach those goals.  By creating a good game plan you are challenging yourself to reach your goals and giving yourself a map to success.  Having and executing a solid game plan is essential when working from home because you are in essence giving yourself a job description that outlines what you must do to succeed.  Your game plan can be changed and improved at any point, but only if you are making it better.

4)  Do What Is Important

How many times do we find ourselves doing busy work that we do not enjoy? And it seems like most of the time those things are not actually revenue producing activities.  If you continually find yourself doing things that you know are not important, that you know are not making you money, that you know is wasting your time, you will find yourself being zapped of motivation.  When you do things you know are important and things that lead to bringing in revenue, you are naturally motivated because you know what you are doing is important.  Stop doing things that you know are wasting your time.

5)  Use Your Skills & Strengths

We all have skills that we know are useful and beneficial to our success.  We all have traits and characteristics that are considered strengths.  Utilize your skills and your strengths and by doing so, you find motivation because you are doing something you know you’re good at.  When we busy ourselves with tasks that are not utilizing our skills or strengths, or those things we are not good at, we drain our energy and motivation because we’re not doing those things we’re good at.

6)  Enjoy Your Successes

Learn to celebrate your successes! When you have a success take the time to savor that moment and enjoy it.  By doing so, you are building yourself up and finding joy as things are going your way – which will keep you motivated and on track to repeat your successes.  Enjoying your success should be a part of your work day just as much as going to lunch, checking your email or making your customers happy.

7)  Reward Yourself

Yes, this is different than “Enjoy Your Success.”  As you write out your goals or setup your game plan, set up some mile markers along the way that merits a reward.  For me, when I sign on a new consultant, I allow myself to go get a manicure and pedicure.  I also have some bigger rewards (like a Disney Cruise)  in place for obtaining certain sized accounts.  These rewards keep me motivated to reach certain goals and mile markers and to never stop.

8) Maintain A Healthy Work/Life Balance

When you work from home and have your own business, it’s so easy to throw everything you have into the business. For the most part, it seems like work from home entrepreneurs and mompreneurs are workaholics.  This means you have to be incredibly intentional to maintain a good balance between your work life and your non-work life.  It’s so easy to get burned out by working countless hours seven days a week.  So set boundaries and hours and make sure you have a healthy balance in place.

9) Think Positive

Keep yourself inspired, positive and encouraged.  Find motivational books and webinars and speeches.  I have the TED app on my iPad and intentionally view inspiring and motivational speeches that stretch me, keep me in a positive mindset and encourage me.  I also follow several blogs and twitter accounts that seem to always promote positive thoughts and encouraging messages.  If you surround yourself with positivity, it seems to wear off on you.

10)  Your Why

Why do you work from home?  Why did you decide to be a mompreneur? Why do you blog? Why did you get into direct sales?  My WHY is powerful…to me.  If you keep your WHY in focus and have a great reason for working from home, it’s easy to stay up and stay motivated.  I believe there are a lot of things we can do to enhance our motivation and keep it present, but nothing truly motivates us until we have a core reason of why we do what we do.  Discover your “why” and you’ll discover motivation more powerful and more permanent than anything you’ve ever experience before.

Do you have more tips for staying motivated?  I’d love to hear them, so please share yours with me.

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