10 Tips For Creating A Kick Butt Elevator Pitch For Network Marketers


Today was 62 days straight of taking a morning walk. Well, during Hurricane Andrew it was actually an afternoon walk….but still, today was day number 62!

I’m sure this has happened to you too, but I woke up this morning simply needing a change of scenery… so I got up, showered, got dressed, put on my walking shoes and headed over to Fort Wilderness Campground for my walk.

While walking, I stopped at one of the empty campsites for a rest and sat down at the wooden picnic table.  While sitting there, a guy named Henry walked out of his RV and started cleaning up the area around his site.  There had obviously been a cookout the night before.

Henry and I started talking and he asked me where I am from.  When I told him I lived right down the road, he asked if I was there camping.  I told him I was just out for my daily walk and often come over to Disney for a change of scenery.

As so often is the case when you meet new people, Henry asked what I do for a living.

And I shared my elevator pitch with him…

Do you have your “elevator pitch” perfected?

Now, I do want to be really clear…I did not pitch him my business..as in go on and on about what an incredible opportunity it is, how he’d be perfect for it, how he would love it because it was the best gig ever….

But rather what I said was spoken intentionally and something I already knew would would resonate with him and would create some curiosity.

You always want to throw out some bait so they will keep on asking questions.  And it needs to feel natural (in your own voice and personality) and conversational (fits in with the situation) in the process.

Tips For Crafting Your Elevator Pitch

1)  It needs to be SHORT.  This isn’t the time to present and give them all of the facts and figures and bring in ten stories that backs up everything you’ve said, this is simply time to create curiosity.

2)  It must create curiosity.  You want them to have enough questions so you can set an appointment to present.

3)  It must show you help solve a problem they have.  You don’t give away the farm here, but you let them know you have a solution to something they need help with.

4)  It must resonate with your perfect prospect.  Reading people and what they respond to is an important skill to pick up.  Knowing what your perfect prospect will connect with is super important.  Having a few different elevator pitches will allow you to connect with a variety of people.

5)  No company jargon. This include company names, product names and jargon only people in your company would understand.  No MLM jargon either!

6)  Learn from others in your company.  Make the pitch your own, but if something is working and is true to you, feel free to use what is working with others.

7)  Write out your elevator pitch.  Write it out and make sure it flows well.  Makes sure it’s natural to say and in your own voice.

8)  Memorize it.  Once you have it perfected, memorize it to the point that it flows out naturally and without hesitation.

9)  Practice it.  Look for opportunities to use your elevator pitch, even if it’s not a true prospect.  This helps it become second nature to you.

10) You must Own It!  You have to say it with confidence and believe what you are saying.  Smile, say it enthusiastically!  You have to own it.

11)  Shut up.  I say that kindly…but after you say it, be quiet and don’t ramble on and on.  Let your elevator pitch speak for itself.  Since it creates curiosity, they’ll ask questions.

An Example Of My Perfect Elevator Pitch

This is what I said to Henry when he asked me what I do for a living.

“You know how everyone has a bucket list of things they really want to do but most never get around to them?  I help people mark off their bucket list items on their current budget.”

Talking With Strangers

If you’re going to rock your network marketing business, you will eventually have to speak to strangers.  Trust me, if you’re uncomfortable doing so, the discomfort goes away.

However, this is one of those things you will simply have to do in order to get better at.

If your’e uncomfortable talking with strangers about your business, start by simply starting conversations.  For the most part, people are nice and all you have to do is start conversations and go from there.  Take talking about your business off of the table and work up to your elevator pitch.

You have to start conversations.

An incredible training tool that I love to recommend for Cold Market Prospecting (talking to strangers) is Cold Market Prospecting Mastery.  It’s seriously my go to resource for everything cold market related. My friend Chris (and yes, he’s one of my best friends) is one of the best I’ve ever seen at prospecting and recruiting complete strangers.

You can check it out and learn more about this amazing cold market prospecting resource by checking out the link here.

Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

If you’re a perfectionist, you probably want to write out your elevator pitch, edit it, write it out again, revise it and go through this process several times. And honestly, you do need to have it where it just rolls off your tongue.

But don’t do this at the expense of never getting out, not starting conversations and not using it on real people. You have to perfect it by using it and saying it to real people in real situations.  That’s the best way to perfect your elevator pitch.

The person who says their not-so-perfect pitch to 1 person is further along than the person who has rewritten their pitch a thousand times but no one has ever heard it.

So these are my suggestions to help you with your elevator pitch.  I’m going to leave you with those and a picture from my walk at the campground this morning.

I’m walking with a purpose!

Here’s To Helping You Thrive In Your Business!

Bonnie Cribbs


PS – If you’ve not recruited 10 people into your team or you want to grow your team bigger, this is my go-to training for Cold Market Recruiting I would suggest:  Cold Market Prospecting Mastery.  While it’s focus is Cold Market, the language and skills it helps you with will truly help you when it comes to warm and hot market recruiting.

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